Awakening from hibernation

It feels a bit like awakening from hibernation here :) I have been really busy over the past months, with completing our second WordPress Theme, with the holidays, with staying warm when temperatures dropped far below zero, digging snow. We have also had many visitors here over the past weeks. My parents, but also many young people who are interested in our developing community here in the village – we are trying to create a more sustainable and social way of life here in a beautiful settlement in nature.

So now it is time to go back to quietness for a while, enjoying a hot drink and some silence, and also time to get back online, on instagram, in the photography group, to see what you all have been up to while I was absent :) Glad to be back!

I took this image months ago as part of Kim Klassen’s assignment on chocolate, better late than never, right? I added a little bit of Kim’s Touch-a texture she shared last week.

Blushing shy pears with a texture

I have been admiring all the wonderful pear images that came along in the Start to Finish photography group over the last couple of weeks. (I am doing a still life photography course). What a lot of loveliness :) Most of you used the pears really well to make moody earthy images. I absolutely love that look, but right now I am after some light and airy photos to use in a new WordPress theme that we will be releasing soon. So I took up the challenge to try to take some light pear photos. Continue reading …

Autumn Treasures

It starts to feel like winter already in the evenings, with how dark it is so early… But during the day there is still some lovely autumn weather. Morning mist followed by sunny golden days, some of my favourite weather ( I have many kinds of favourite weather :))

Look what I found; some lovely autumn treasures, I hope you’ll enjoy my little compilation!

autumn treasures

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Finding the light & finding the right gear

When the still life photography course with Kim Klassen started, we were very excited to get started. We had a hybrid camera. Not a compact camera, not a digital SLR, but something in between.

A lovely camera with an integrated zoom lens (35mm – 420mm) that we have been using for years now. Great for outdoor photography and nice for macro-shots as well.

But the lens on it (being a zoom-lens) didn’t let in a lot of light. Plus the camera’s sensor wasn’t very big. Continue reading …

just a moment – 4 nov ’14


All the snow has melted again, not surprising because the temperature never went below zero throughout the whole snow saga. Very glad we are getting some proper autumn weather again now, this change from summer straight into winter was a bit too much… Sunny weather predicted now, so hoping for some more beautiful fungi in the woods…

snow came too early…

snow came early...

The predicted light dusting of snow turned out to be a lot more…. 40 cm of snow in October! Many trees are still in leaf and were catching a lot of snow, the branches became too heavy and started breaking, trees came down on powerlines. No electricity and internet for 3 days, hello winter in autumn! Dave and Sanna braved the weather to shake the snow of our fruit trees, we saved almost all of them :)

Have you ever met the Amethyst Deceiver?

What a beautiful mushroom! And its name is just amazing; Amethyst Deceiver – Laccaria amethystina. Amethyst because of its purple colour, and deceiver because it changes so much as it ages, so that it becomes difficult to identify it. This one is obviously in the bloom of its life because I had no problem looking it up! In Dutch they are called “red cabbage mushroom”, also a very good name.

Amethyst Deceiver

Friday Finds is a place to gather and share your finds with fellow creatives… for more info and to join in see Friday Finds by Kim Klassen.

Dreamy still life photography

I love dreamy, hazy images, I must admit I am a hopeless romantic. While browsing for some lovely photos on flickr, I came across some images by Kim Klassen, and her stream and website turned out to be a treasure chest for daydreamers like me. The images in this post are hers, from her Flickr stream….

Turned out Kim actually teaches others to take photos like hers!

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Lime green and purple rays

fine umbellifer flowers in a vase seen from above

Umbellifers are my favourite flowers. Budding, full flowering or gone to seed and withered after a long winter, I like all stages of these most fairy-tale of flowers.

During a walk with my little girl, we saw many pretty things: rosehips, golden leaves and pink flowering wild marjoram. Large parasol mushrooms that we picked and had for lunch with butter and garlic on toast. But the most beautiful of all finds during our little walk was this beautiful umbellifer… The autumn cold has changed its colour to magnificent purple combined with fresh acid green; wow! I carefully picked some, it was a big plant, and put it in a vase…

Friday Finds is a place to gather and share your finds with fellow creatives… for more info and to join in see Friday Finds by Kim Klassen.

Custom header images in WordPress

In many WordPress themes, you can set a custom header image for your WordPress website. This is great if you want to give your site your own look and feel.

custom header images in wordpress -

In this brief tutorial we explain how to set a custom header image for your site. You’ll also find out how you can let WordPress automatically display a random header image on every page (which is great if you have more than one header image and you want to add some variety to your site). Plus we discuss how you can set a specific header image for each page; so a different image for every page.

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Package to 13 year old self: Water, Paper Paint

water paper paint

I was a little girl when my interest in watercolour was first sparked. My parents gave me a tiny watercolour box for my birthday, I think when I was about 12 or 13 years old. I still have it and I have to admit that it hasn’t been used a lot… And I also still have some sheets of watercolour paper that I got at the same time! Continue reading …

No seashells in Greece! but something better…

Well, not entirely true, I found about 4… I was really looking forward to hunting for some amazing shells, but they were almost absent where we were staying. But there was something way better than seashells; amazing multi-coloured pebbles and tiny stones in soft pastel shades. A beach combers’ fantasy come true. I turned into a magpie and couldn’t stop searching and collecting them. There were also quite a few small heart shaped stones. Swoon!

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Treasury – Sea side fun

Sea Side Fun Treasury

The summer is almost over here, but we’ll be going to the sea in a little while!! I love spending time near the sea in the late summer, the weather is not so blisteringly hot, and everything is so mellow and golden. To get me in the mood I collected some lovely items in this sea side inspired treasury. We’re going to Greece by car, and we’ll be meeting family there. Sanna will love spending time with her grandparents. Can’t wait!!

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storks and pensive moods


We had some lovely guests; they came in the night and stayed over, all 14 of them. They were a bit noisy but it wasn’t too bad. They stayed till nine in the morning when the rising sun painted them lightly with gold.

Seeing these storks is a sure sign that summer is nearly over and autumn is almost here. They are migrating south again, where it will be warmer. Each year, this change brings me a pensive mood. A time for reflection and time of peace but also memories and thoughts of ‘that was another year again’.

As always my little girl was very good at snapping me from my musings, bringing me right back to the now again; she was most fascinated by the droppings of the storks, that were white, thick and drooping from their resting places :) Yes, storks also have to go! So much for romance and poetry :)