Staying on the beach

We’re very lucky because we are staying in a little beach house for a week! It is a wonderful place, very cozy with a small kitchen, bunk beds, a generous sofa in the living room and even a small shower. And most importantly; the beach, the sea and all that sand right at our doorstep. It has been decorated in a lovely beach house style by Ellen, who is so kind to let us stay there.

To the Netherlands!

Finally going to the Netherlands again to see family and friends, so looking forward to it! It has been very hectic here getting ready, preparing gifts and keeping up with the garden work. Now is the time to plant everything, and we have been working like mad to get everything planted and sown before we leave!

Just a moment – 29 March’14

One of the first fruit trees to blossom, their flowers are much anticipated. The landscape here is full of prune trees, semi wild or just helped along by grateful foragers and homesteaders in this rural landscape. In March, the landscape is dotted with trees and bushes white with flowers. We have about 15 prune trees in our patch, some flower later, some earlier, but its all over within a few weeks. Only the larger blue damsons flower later, and they also fruit later.