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~ perfect for  ~

Calm & Quiet loving Heart-centred Solopreneurs

Let’s create a clever website
that is the heart of your Quality-of-Life-First Marketing Strategy,
perfect for how you’re wired!


Are you passionate about living your purpose and making the world a better place by sharing your gifts and doing what you love?


Do you easily feel exhausted and overwhelmed in today’s crazy world and do you need to be mindful about how and where you spend your time and energy?


Do you need your business to work so you can create your life on your terms but do you struggle to make that happen because hustling and pushing is not your thing?

I can help you!

image collage of calm and quiet scenes of nature, a cup, and female hands with a laptop

To make your business a success in today’s information-overload-world you need to be clever.

Especially if you need lots of time “on airplane mode”.

You need choices and strategies that are
perfectly suited for who you are
and how you are wired!

 Yes like any business owner, you need a website for your business
~  but not any website  ~

You need aSoul-savvy, Strategic website

that maximises your chances of
converting any website visitors into subscribers
and paying clients

And it doesn’t need rocket science!

We can help you DIY such a website, or we can build it for you!

Helena of Websites with a Heart, sitting in front of a blossoming tree

I live in small village in wild nature with like minded friends, doing what I love, a dream come true.

And I’m SUPER passionate about helping you to follow your heart, do what you love and create life on your own terms too!

I’m running my business together with Dave, and we’re both here to support you in doing what you love and thriving with your business by helping you with soul-savvy strategies, making all the website things easy and flowing, and by empowering you with the very best and budget friendly website tools and skills.

Let’s make all the technical and overwhelming like an easy and enjoyable walk in the park.

Helena of Websites with a Heart, sitting in front of a blossoming tree

“The Divine DIY Website Pack is of the best investments in my business I have ever made! Having a website that allows me to be absolutely independent of another person has changed the way I am able to market and thus given me more freedom to express my business through my website.”

~ Dörte Stanek

“I am completely in love with my new website and working with Helena and Dave was a dream! They are such professionals but also very intuitive and incredibly helpful.

Helena often suggested amazing solutions or new angles that I didn’t see. I love working with people who are authentic, committed and with big hearts.

I highly recommend their services to everyone who needs help with their website. So many of my friends and clients have used their services and they are all absolutely thrilled.

~ Karina Ladet

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website diy

Create  a Soul-savvy website yourself
with our DIY website Creation package.

Custom Web Design Illustration

custom web design

Create a  gorgeous and marketing-savvy website
to grow and blossom your business.

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