1:1 website love coaching session


Are you creating your own website and are you having trouble bringing your vision to life?


Do you have an existing website that no longer feels like you?


Are you thinking of creating your own website, but not sure where to start?


Do you have questions about your website that you’d love to discuss with a website expert?

Your website is an extension of who you are. Infused with the right energy, words and imagery, it can help you make a powerful connection with your tribe, your dream clients.

I would love to get to know you, and your business and help you on your way to create the website that will make you and your vision shine online.

“Working with Helena and Dave was a dream! They are such professionals but also very intuitive and incredibly helpful. Helena often suggested amazing solutions or new angles that I didn’t see. I love working with people who are authentic, committed and with big hearts.”  

Karina Ladet   |  Intuitive Business Mentor   |   KarinaLadet.com

This is how I can help you:


Think along about your site’s structure


Help you identify ways to improve your site visually


Give you tips to make your website creation journey a success


Answer technical questions you may have on how you can do something


Share important techniques to focus on when setting up your site, such as image size, security and website speed

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I look forward to connecting with you!

 Warm wishes,

Helena has become a core part of my ‘team’ – she is technically fabulous, completely understanding about what I need for my business and so brilliant at communicating from her area of genius to where I’m focused in my business! She always seeks to understand the outcome I am looking for and gives great advice that I can follow!”  

Michelle Walker   |  Life, Creativity & Wealth Coach   |   MichelleWalker.com.au

Helena was a pleasure to work with. Although I never got to meet her as I live halfway around the world in Australia, I felt I was supported throughout the project and that special attention was given to me – I never felt like one of many.

Grace Miano  |  Nutritionist & Womb & Fertility Therapist |  GoodnessGraciousHealth.com