It starts to feel like winter already in the evenings, with how dark it is so early… But during the day there is still some lovely autumn weather. Morning mist followed by sunny golden days, some of my favourite weather ( I have many kinds of favourite weather :))

Look what I found; some lovely autumn treasures, I hope you’ll enjoy my little compilation!

autumn treasures


  1. botanical washi tape by Ariane of Fox and Star on Etsy.
  2. sweet fox by Kate of Woodland Tale on Etsy.
  3. fern ring by Susie of Boygirlparty on Etsy.
  4. woodland stamp set by Jessica of Green Garden Stamps on Etsy.
  5. felt acorns by Sheryl of JollyOlChap on Etsy.
  6. wool slippers by ! of Wild Tree Design on Etsy.
  7. Gold earrings by Angelica of Bayside Wire Designs on Etsy.
  8. gold print set by Carolyn of Carolyn Cochrane on Etsy.
  9. autumn garland by Dorothy and Phil of Peony and Thistle on Etsy.
  10. shawl by Małgorzata of Knitwear Factory on Etsy.
  11. paper leaves by Orawee of Squish-n-chips on Etsy.
  12. amber bracelet by Arabella of ArabellaReason on Etsy.