How to setup a Cookie Notification plugin on your website


Since 2012 there’s a European Union regulation that requires websites to notify their visitors if they place any cookies in their visitors’ browsers. You’ve probably seen such notifications and to many people they seem just an annoyance. But with the stricter EU privacy laws from 2018 and 2019, it may be important for your website to display such a notification. In this article we look at two nice and simple ways to implement a cookie notification on your website.

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EU Privacy Laws, Freebies & Newsletter list building


In our article European Data Protection Laws – what we think you need to know and do – we’ve tried to create a clear picture of what we as small business owners having a website need to know and do to comply with the new legislation.

In this post we’d like to show you how we think it affects freebies and newsletter list building.

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EU Privacy Laws & your website


You’ve probably heard about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and you might be wondering how it impacts you and your business. This article is a summary of what we think you need to know and do about the European Data Protection laws. It’s quite lenghty, because we aim to give you a good sense of how these regulations may affect your website (& business).

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Free image library | week 38

Free image library  |  week 38

A bundle of loveliness has just been added to the Free Image Library, curated and edited with love. See all the new images here. You can use these photos freely for your social media posts, e-books, website etc 🙂 Joining the Free Image library is absolutely FREE.

Enjoy and have fun creating some beauty,

♥ Helena



Christmas images added to the Free Image Library


We’ve just added a bunch of beautiful stylish free images for your blog & social media posts to the Free Image library.

See them all by typing “Christmas” in the search box of the free image library, or choose “Christmas” from the tag cloud in the library.

Joining the library is free! Hope to see you there 🙂

Enjoy ♥

Free Stylish Autumn images for blog & social media posts


Are you looking for some great images to make your autumn blog & social media posts shine, but don’t have the time to search for hours for the right image?

I’ve just added lots of lovely & stylish autumn-themed images to the Free Image library that you can use for your blog & social media posts 🙂

See them all by typing “autumn” in the search box of the free image library, or choose “autumn” from the tag cloud in the library.

Joining the library is free!

Enjoy ♥

*NEW* – free classy images for your website & blog

Free Image Library

We’re VERY excited  to announce the launch of our free image library full of

hand-picked gorgeous images with a heart!

They are perfect if you regularly write about topics such as mindfulness, nutrition, self-development, coaching, wellness, nutrition, living from the heart, yoga & retreats.

You’ll find a wide variety of pretty images that’ll help you create dazzling content for your blog & website.

Stop crawling thousands of free images to find a good image that fits your writings – our images have been carefully hand-picked and in many cases enhanced to help your content shine ♥

Join the library now by subscribing to our newsletter -it’s free:

Classy Free Images For Your Website & Blog

stock photo freebies thumbnails

Become a free member today!

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Free image tip – gorgeous lavender with ladybug

free image tip - ladybug - lavender

Next to taking pics myself, I also love delving into sources of free images, to find those hidden gems – captivating & classy images that’ll help you communicate your message, on your website, in your marketing materials and in your blog & social media posts. We have gathered all these hand-picked images and made them available for you in our Free Image Library a great resource full of classy beautiful images.

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Spring by Victoria Erickson

Spring by Victoria Erickson-PIN

I am in love with the beautiful words by Victoria Erickson.

I know her through Pinterest where she shares the most amazing dreamy images and her own writings and poetry.

She has published a book that is high on my wish list; The Edge of Wonder.

To me her words perfectly capture spring fever ♥

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8 tips to use spring fever to propel yourself towards your dreams

8 tips to use spring fever to propel yourself towards your dreams

Are you day dreaming a lot lately?

Do you spend lots of time thinking about finally doing the things you’ve been dreaming about for so long? Are you a bit more restless than usual?

You may have caught spring fever!

Spring fever is actually something real.

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