WordPress 5.0 | Gutenberg & your Divi Website


Some big changes have come to the world of WordPress. WordPress is an open source platform, which means that no-one owns it and that it’s maintained by thousands of people working together all around the world. The latest update of WordPress is known under the pet name Gutenberg, after Johannes Gutenberg who invented the printing press more than 500 years ago. And it’s a big update that the WordPress community has been working on for quite a while. Basically, WordPress is moving more towards a page builder experience to help make creating a website with WordPress easier and more intuitive for all. So thank you WordPress team!

Change for the better still means some new things to get used to. And also things that are built on the foundation of WordPress have to change along with it, for things to keep working smoothly.

Divi Theme is one of these things built on WordPress, and the Divi team have been working on integrating the changes and improving their own product alongside the Gutenberg crowd.

In this post you can find out what’s new and what has changed. And you’ll also find steps here to guide you in setting yourself up in the new way that will work for you, by updating your website safely.

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The New WordPress 5 Block Editor



With it’s latest update to WordPress 5, WordPress has introduced a new text editor that looks quite different from what we’ve been using before. We’ve tested it and found it very pleasant to work with. It’s calmer and we think it works very intuitively.

In this post we give you a quick impression.

Please don’t worry, if you’re not quite ready for it to change your way of working, you can continue to use the classic editor well into the foreseeable future.

Let’s explore what’s new : )

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Updating to WordPress 5 with Divi



In this post you can read how you can update your site safely to WordPress 5, and also update Divi theme to the latest version. We’ll also explain how to make a back-up first, so if anything would go wrong, you can restore your site.

After that you’ll see what your choices are after updating to WordPress 5 and Divi.

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Switching back to the Classic WordPress editor with a plugin



From WordPress 5 upwards, the WordPress post and page editor has a new look and new functionality.

It aims to make creating content a smoother and more creative process. But if you just love the classic interface or you’re not quite ready yet for the new experience, you can still use the WordPress editor you are used to. Just install the classic editor plugin and everything stays as it is.

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Restoring your website from a Duplicator backup



If you’ve updated your WordPress website and you’d like to roll back, you can do so with a Duplicator backup. For this to work you need to have made a backup before you updated your site. For more information on making a backup, see our post on updating to WordPress 5 with Divi, where we also show you have to safely update WordPress.

This video-post shows the process of restoring your website from a Duplicator backup.

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How to setup a Cookie Notification plugin on your website


Since 2012 there’s a European Union regulation that requires websites to notify their visitors if they place any cookies in their visitors’ browsers. You’ve probably seen such notifications and to many people they seem just an annoyance. But with the stricter EU privacy laws from 2018 and 2019, it may be important for your website to display such a notification. In this article we look at two nice and simple ways to implement a cookie notification on your website.

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EU Privacy Laws, Freebies & Newsletter list building


In our article European Data Protection Laws – what we think you need to know and do – we’ve tried to create a clear picture of what we as small business owners having a website need to know and do to comply with the new legislation.

In this post we’d like to show you how we think it affects freebies and newsletter list building.

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EU Privacy Laws & your website


You’ve probably heard about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and you might be wondering how it impacts you and your business. This article is a summary of what we think you need to know and do about the European Data Protection laws. It’s quite lenghty, because we aim to give you a good sense of how these regulations may affect your website (& business).

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Free image library | week 38

A bundle of loveliness has just been added to the Free Image Library, curated and edited with love. See all the new images here. You can use these photos freely for your social media posts, e-books, website etc 🙂 Joining the Free Image library is absolutely FREE.

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Christmas images added to the Free Image Library


We’ve just added a bunch of beautiful stylish free images for your blog & social media posts to the Free Image library.

See them all by typing “Christmas” in the search box of the free image library, or choose “Christmas” from the tag cloud in the library.

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Free Stylish Autumn images for blog & social media posts


Are you looking for some great images to make your autumn blog & social media posts shine, but don’t have the time to search for hours for the right image?

I’ve just added lots of lovely & stylish autumn-themed images to the Free Image library that you can use for your blog & social media posts 🙂

See them all by typing “autumn” in the search box of the free image library, or choose “autumn” from the tag cloud in the library.

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