Use colour to connect with your dream clients – the spring personality


Use Colour to Connect with your Dream Clients - The Spring Personality

Finding and connecting with your dream clients is a big deal.

If you can be your authentic self, and show who you really are, you will feel good and working on your business will be easy and flowing.

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How to share passwords safely by email


How to share your Passwords Safely

When you need to share your domain or website login details it’s tempting to do so by email, because it’s so easy. But because email isn’t a very secure form of communication, sending private information by email is not such a good idea. Luckily, there’s a simple solution (and it even makes you feel a bit like Jane Bond).
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Double your wordpress security in 2 easy steps

Double your WordPress Security in 2 easy steps

One of the best things about a WordPress website is that you can login and edit your content yourself. No need to get a webdesigner involved each time you want to add or adjust something. But like for any other system that you can login to, there is a downside: someone else could gain unauthorized access to your website.

Improve your WordPress Security

Luckily, there are a few simple things you can do to greatly improve your WordPress security and make your site safer. They take 5 to 10 minutes each and even if you only do one of them it’s already going to help a lot. So here we go! Continue reading …

Interview – Gill of Little Cup Illustrations

Little Cup Illustrations

Gill is a wonderful and inspiring artist, specializing in beautiful pencil drawings that she uses to create a world full of cuteness and happiness. Going through her Instagram feed, it is obvious that her main speciality is soft, lovely pencil sketches in a dreamy style, but there are also a few suprises where she is experimenting with brighter colours, watercolour techniques and thicker,stronger lines. Here she shares her journey and personal tips with us! Continue reading …

Save time and improve your WordPress workflow

When you’re working on your WordPress website you may often find yourself going from one screen to the next. For example, you want to edit some text on a few pages, so you open the pages screen, find the page you want to work on, click it, make your edits, then back to the pages screen, find the next page, click it, make your edits, etc.

Save Time & Improve Workflow WordPress

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Free e-book: finding & securing the perfect domain name

Are you looking for a lovely domain name for your business or online project? With a little bit of creativity and the tips, ideas and tools in our free domain name e-book you will get to your perfect domain name in no time!



In this ebook you will find:

  • The basics of what a domain name actually is
  • Tips & ideas for your domain name
  • Brainstorming tools to help you generate ideas
  • Answers to FAQ

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Interview – Miriana of Dollitude

Interview - Miriana of Dollitude

I came across Miriana and her fabulous little dolls on instagram, and fell in love… The dolls itself are tiny little treasures, but she makes them even more special by presenting them in their own magical world; they all love to spend time outdoors, in nature, and they are almost all a bit shy. The creator of this magnificent world is so generous to share some words about her journey to success as a crafter and enterpreneur, enjoy! Continue reading …

Six tips for choosing the perfect domain name


Domain names - 6 tips

You’re all ready to go with your wonderful business idea, and your next step is creating a lovely online home for it. When you are about to start your own website, you may have some questions. Actually, you may have tons of questions!!

But you’ll need to start with the most crucial thing first, without it you can’t get started; choosing a domain name for your website & blog. And not just any domain name… But the perfect domain name. In this post we share six tips to get to that perfect domain name. And first we briefly explain what a domain name exactly is…
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Seven domain name tools for a perfect domain name

Domain names - seven tools

In this article we’ll share seven domain name tools that we have found useful in generating ideas. Not all of these will create off the shelve ready solutions, but the ideas they generate might spark new ideas or new ways of thinking about your domain name, and in this way help you get to your perfect domain name!

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