Six tips for choosing the perfect domain name


Domain names - 6 tips

You’re all ready to go with your wonderful business idea, and your next step is creating a lovely online home for it. When you are about to start your own website, you may have some questions. Actually, you may have tons of questions!!

But you’ll need to start with the most crucial thing first, without it you can’t get started; choosing a domain name for your website & blog. And not just any domain name… But the perfect domain name. In this post we share six tips to get to that perfect domain name. And first we briefly explain what a domain name exactly is…
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Seven domain name tools for a perfect domain name

Domain names - seven tools

In this article we’ll share seven domain name tools that we have found useful in generating ideas. Not all of these will create off the shelve ready solutions, but the ideas they generate might spark new ideas or new ways of thinking about your domain name, and in this way help you get to your perfect domain name!

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Talking about websites in a sunny park – does it get any better?

Was it the weather? (perfectly sunny – not too warm)
Was it the crowd? (Happy people in a good mood interested in local and organic food and beautiful handmade products)
Was it the location? (A lovely park with sunny lawns, beautiful old trees, a deer park behind the stalls with the deer looking curiously at all the goods for sale)
Was it the friends we met? (arriving with picnic blankets, warm hugs and even bringing us some lovely local food bought from the stalls all around… also strawberries!)
Was is the fact that we totally do what we love – helping people to also create their dream life of freedom and creativity?

Whatever it was, it was PERFECT

So amazing that this is what we do for a living!

Very excited about working with some wonderful people on their websites, thank you for the opportunity πŸ™‚

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local food and craft market in the Netherlands

Looking forward to tomorrow! We’ll be spending some lovely time at an outdoor local food and craft market, talking about websites and dreams with some very creative and enterprising people. The event is held in a beautiful and romantic park, in a city where I once lived when I was a student. I think it is one of the most beautiful parks in the country and it is so wonderful to return there now to talk about work I love so much. And the weather forecast is for perfectly sunny weather πŸ™‚ Feeling blessed πŸ™‚

The market is a joint initiative of Hip en Handgemaakt Markt & Sonsbeekmarkt

Photo by Masha Bakker photography, check out her website for some wonderful images!

just a moment – 16 may ’15

summer flowers

May, my favorite time of the year… This year it is quite rushed, we have a way bigger vegetable garden to work and prepare than the years before, and we are also preparing for our trip to the Netherlands. We have been busy producing leaflets, and other materials for the market that we will attend with Websites with a Heart while we are in the Netherlands. But today a small moment to enjoy the evening sunlight and the wildflowers in front of the house πŸ™‚

Awakening from hibernation

It feels a bit like awakening from hibernation here πŸ™‚ I have been really busy over the past months, with completing our second WordPress Theme, with the holidays, with staying warm when temperatures dropped far below zero, digging snow. We have also had many visitors here over the past weeks. My parents, but also many young people who are interested in our developing community here in the village – we are trying to create a more sustainable and social way of life here in a beautiful settlement in nature.

So now it is time to go back to quietness for a while, enjoying a hot drink and some silence, and also time to get back online, on instagram, in the photography group, to see what you all have been up to while I was absent πŸ™‚ Glad to be back!

I took this image months ago as part of Kim Klassen’s assignment on chocolate, better late than never, right? I added a little bit of Kim’s Touch-a texture she shared last week.

Blushing shy pears with a texture

I have been admiring all the wonderful pear images that came along in the Start to Finish photography group over the last couple of weeks. (I am doing a still life photography course). What a lot of loveliness πŸ™‚ Most of you used the pears really well to make moody earthy images. I absolutely love that look, but right now I am after some light and airy photos to use in a new WordPress theme that we will be releasing soon. So I took up the challenge to try to take some light pear photos. Continue reading …

Confused walnut trees and a touch of vintage

Finally “found” some time to look at the paper bag photos I took as part of the Start to Finish still life photography course. Chose to combine the paper bag with walnuts collected by my daughter in the garden. There are very few this year, the leaves crumpled and yellowed very early and Continue reading …

Autumn Treasures

It starts to feel like winter already in the evenings, with how dark it is so early… But during the day there is still some lovely autumn weather. Morning mist followed by sunny golden days, some of my favourite weather ( I have many kinds of favourite weather :))

Look what I found; some lovely autumn treasures, I hope you’ll enjoy my little compilation!

autumn treasures

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Finding the light & finding the right gear

When the still life photography course with Kim Klassen started, we were very excited to get started. We had a hybrid camera. Not a compact camera, not a digital SLR, but something in between.

A lovely camera with an integrated zoom lens (35mm – 420mm) that we have been using for years now. Great for outdoor photography and nice for macro-shots as well.

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snow came too early…

snow came early...

The predicted light dusting of snow turned out to be a lot more…. 40 cm of snow in October! Many trees are still in leaf and were catching a lot of snow, the branches became too heavy and started breaking, trees came down on powerlines. No electricity and internet for 3 days, hello winter in autumn! Dave and Sanna braved the weather to shake the snow of our fruit trees, we saved almost all of them πŸ™‚

Have you ever met the Amethyst Deceiver?

What a beautiful mushroom! And its name is just amazing; Amethyst Deceiver – Laccaria amethystina. Amethyst because of its purple colour, and deceiver because it changes so much as it ages, so that it becomes difficult to identify it. This one is obviously in the bloom of its life because I had no problem looking it up! In Dutch they are called “red cabbage mushroom”, also a very good name.

Amethyst Deceiver

Friday Finds is a place to gather and share your finds with fellow creatives… for more info and to join in see Friday Finds by Kim Klassen.

Dreamy still life photography

I love dreamy, hazy images, I must admit I am a hopeless romantic. While browsing for some lovely photos on flickr, I came across some images by Kim Klassen, and her stream and website turned out to be a treasure chest for daydreamers like me. The images in this post are hers, from her Flickr stream….

Turned out Kim actually teaches others to take photos like hers!

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