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The New WordPress 5 Block Editor


  With it’s latest update to WordPress 5, WordPress has introduced a new text editor that looks quite different from what we’ve been using before. We’ve tested it and found it very pleasant to work with. It’s calmer and we think it works very intuitively. In this post we give you a quick impression. Please […]

Updating to WordPress 5 with Divi


  In this post you can read how you can update your site safely to WordPress 5, and also update Divi theme to the latest version. We’ll also explain how to make a back-up first, so if anything would go wrong, you can restore your site. After that you’ll see what your choices are after […]

Restoring your website from a Duplicator backup


  If you’ve updated your WordPress website and you’d like to roll back, you can do so with a Duplicator backup. For this to work you need to have made a backup before you updated your site. For more information on making a backup, see our post on updating to WordPress 5 with Divi, where […]

EU Privacy Laws & your website


You’ve probably heard about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and you might be wondering how it impacts you and your business. This article is a summary of what we think you need to know and do about the European Data Protection laws. It’s quite lenghty, because we aim to give you a good sense […]

How to share passwords safely by email

How to share your passwords safely

  When you need to share your domain or website login details it’s tempting to do so by email, because it’s so easy. But because email isn’t a very secure form of communication, sending private information by email is not such a good idea. Luckily, there’s a simple solution (and it even makes you feel […]

Double your wordpress security in 2 easy steps

Double your Wordpress Security in 2 easy steps

One of the best things about a WordPress website is that you can login and edit your content yourself. No need to get a webdesigner involved each time you want to add or adjust something. But like for any other system that you can login to, there is a downside: someone else could gain unauthorized […]

Save time and improve your WordPress workflow

Save time and improve your workflow kin Wordpress

When you’re working on your WordPress website you may often find yourself going from one screen to the next. For example, you want to edit some text on a few pages, so you open the pages screen, find the page you want to work on, click it, make your edits, then back to the pages […]

Six tips for choosing the perfect domain name

Domain names - 6 tips

  You’re all ready to go with your wonderful business idea, and your next step is creating a lovely online home for it. When you are about to start your own website, you may have some questions. Actually, you may have tons of questions!! But you’ll need to start with the most crucial thing first, […]

Seven domain name tools for a perfect domain name

Domain names - seven tools

In this article we’ll share seven domain name tools that we have found useful in generating ideas. Not all of these will create off the shelve ready solutions, but the ideas they generate might spark new ideas or new ways of thinking about your domain name, and in this way help you get to your […]