Back from Greece with a tan, lovely colourful images in my mind and on our camera’s, and kilograms of tiny stones and pebbles, it’s a good thing we drove to our holiday 🙂

sunlight and gulls

This trip included our very first official camping trip with our little girl…

The area where we camped was just lovely, tiny hay meadows, wooden picket fences around arable plots and lots of donkeys and carts everywhere. We didn’t take any pictures unfortunately, we were busy finding the perfect camping spot and by the time we found it, the sun was already setting. Our wish list turned out to be too long (a level spot in a quiet place near a stream or river proved too demanding 🙂 so we settled for second best in a small meadow. Sanna couldn’t be more excited about setting up the tent and playing in it. When it got dark she found it all a bit more intimidating, we just kept her real close to us and when we snuggled up in the tent she slept fast and solid for the whole night.

The next morning we drove on to the ferry in Greece. Lots of cheeky gulls flying along with the ferry, trying to grab some snacks that the excited holiday passengers were holding up in the air. We took a ton of photos of them against a gorgeous hazy blue sky.

The rest of our trip was lovely; beach time, exploring some ancient villages, lots of quality time with Dave’s parents for us and Sanna.