heart-shaped business for calm and quiet loving heart-centred solopreneurs

Are you a calm & quiet-loving solopreneur struggling with getting clarity around the ideal client stuff?

Like how to know what type of client you should specialize in and not fully grasping how it can make a difference for your business?

Getting clarity about your ideal clients and implementing that magic into your business is crucial for any business owner, but *especially* for calm and quiet loving solopreneurs.

You want to avoid shooting with hail into the social media void.

Let’s discover through a story how understanding your true self and crafting magnetic messages can attract your perfect clients effortlessly.

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~  my search for hustle-free marketing  ~

I’m always excited to discover and learn about marketing that is perfect for Calm & Quiet loving Solopreneurs. Because that’s who I am, and who my clients are.

We want a Quality-of-Life-First business and spend less time on the social media hustle hamster wheel.

Pinterest is one of these marketing  methods, and I have recently joined a membership to help me grow my Pinterest account and use it strategically to connect with like-minded souls that I can help on their biz journey with my services.

Pinterest is great for someone like me because it’s a visual search engine that doesn’t need you to be on the platform 24/7 (you know, to comment and engage to please the Algorithm Gods).
The membership I joined was Meagan Williamson’s Pin Potential. (I’ll share the link at the end of this post!)

~  I don’t click the buy button lightly  ~

I’m not someone that buys something impulsively, and most things I feel I can figure out by myself.

But in this case I know I want to get very good at Pinterest and I don’t want to waste a lot of time doing things wrong.

But that alone wasn’t enough for me to buy. I see plenty of offers for Pinterest training come along.

There was something that pulled me in this time.
It was Meagan‘s magnetic messaging.

As I was reading through her offer page, there were a few things that really jumped out to me. These things made me feel YES, this is for ME!

The highlights below are mine…

Here Meagan was pointing out her client’s (and my) exact pain points. These are the things we struggle with, the things we want to solve. By putting them out there in so much detail, she makes me feel understood and like I’m in exactly the right place.

Then, in the next bit, she goes into what we do want, the vision and the dream:

planning set goals

She got really specific here about what those dreams and needs are… more time living, tending to your thriving garden, going for impromptu day-long hikes??  YES PLEASE!

Live in the moment without having to document every aspect of my seemingly “camera-ready” life on social media? ABSOLUTELY!

What she’s done here is put the things SHE loves and values right there on the page.

It all starts with getting clear on who you are and what you love. What are the things that get you excited? What do you value most in life?

By talking about exactly those things, on your webpages and in your social media posts, you create connection, these messages resonate with like-minded souls.

These are the people who want to get to know you, and will like and trust you.  And these people are your ideal clients.

Because of Meagan’s  magnetic messaging I’m now in the right place – I enjoy learning about Pinterest specifically from her.

And as a result of her magnetic messaging I’m also surrounded by other like-minded souls in the community who value the same things.

There was a post asking what our favourite weekend day would look like, and I found myself in the company of people dreaming of hikes, gardening, birdwatching and family time. I feel at home there.

savvy soulful strategies calm and quiet loving business owners

~  Become a magnetic messaging detective ~

How to apply this to your business?

From now on, anytime you read a marketing email, or visit someone’s website, or check out someone’s offer, notice in yourself when you start to tune in, when you start to pay attention.  When you feel the YES!
Be on the lookout for magnetic messages.

And also look at people working in the same niche as you do, especially those that are very successful at what they do…   What are they saying that makes you start to consider their offer?
They found the secrets to connecting with their ideal clients, and you can learn from them!

~  your magnetic message file ~

Create a word document and start collecting these messages as a source of inspiration, and to get clearer on what kind of messaging works for you.  Keep adding to your file.

You’re best at helping people like you.  So getting clarity on what resonates with you, you’ll also get closer to the struggles, dreams and desires of your ideal clients, the people you serve best.

And start writing your own magnetic messages. It’s not about being a copy cat. Your messages need to be uniquely you, with examples, words and tone of voice you would actually use.

I hope this helps you in taking practical action to get clarity on your magnetic messages and to start sprinkling them throughout your webpages.

Of course there is lots more help with creating a soul-savvy website that is magnetic for your ideal clients in the Divine DIY Website Pack.

If you’re curious, check out Meagan’s Pin Potential, it only opens doors a few times a year but you can join the waitlist!

Warm wishes,

signature Helena Heart