Would you Love to Create your Website Yourself

but does that feel Intimidating and Overwhelming?


The Divine DIY Website pack makes
creating your website Quick, Easy and Flowing!


The Success Method to Create your WordPress Website yourself:



No fuss of having to figure things out, your basic website is set up for you, all you need is a domain name.



Ready-made Layouts and Modules and the Step-by-Step process of the E-Course take you by the hand and lead you easily through creating your website.



If you get stuck with something, we are there to help you. Email support is included in this pack – you won’t be doing this alone!

Divine DIY WordPress website pack happy

Watch the Video: 

introduction to the divine diy website pack
introduction to the divine diy website pack

 By building your website yourself you save a lot of money,


your give yourself extremely valuable skills to help you
GROW & BLOSSOM your business!

 Will you become the next Proud Creator of your Own Beautiful Website?

The Divine DIY Website pack is simply fantastic. I have loved creating my website and I still love tweaking it as my business grows. And this is the best part, it easily grows with me because it is SO easy to go in and change things as and when you need. Helena has been SO supportive and encouraging every step of the way.

Ria Gor | Brand Story Specialist |  BetheCreativePenguin.com

What’s included:


WordPress Website with Sample Content, connected to your Domain.

Visual Pagebuilder

Premium Divi Visual Drag & Drop page builder (value of $289)


In-depth e-course taking you step by step through all you need to know to build your website

Page Layouts

Ready-made page Templates and styled modules make it easy to build your pages.

Magic Plugin Pack

Optimized Collection of Plugins for additional Site Security, Automatic back-ups, and more…

Green Hosting

1 year High Quality truly Sustainable hosting from a lovely ethical Hosting Company

Email Support

If you need help, we are there for you! Email support included, you won’t be doing this alone.

3 Email Accounts

Includes 3 email accounts linked to your domain, for example hello@, yourname@ or anything else you’d like to use.

Start now:

Build your own Beautiful Website
with Fantastic Tools and Friendly Support!


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Free Website Chat

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Joy Hoppenot

“Choosing the Divine Website pack was the best investment I’ve made while starting my business. I am absolutely thrilled with the site I was able to build with their guidance and beautiful predesigned layouts.

In addition to resulting in a site that I love, the website pack was a priceless investment in my business skill set. Helena and Dave’s thorough and detailed e-course makes it all feel doable. Although I had a lot to learn, I never felt overwhelmed. And I was amazed, after watching the helpful videos, at how quickly the steps became routine to me. I’m really grateful that I took the time to learn WordPress and Divi. I never could have done it on my own.

Joy Hoppenot | Creativity & Writing Coach |  JoyHoppenot.com

Why the Divine DIY Website Pack works:

Quick and Easy start, all you need is a Domain Name*

Building your website yourself usually starts straight away with some difficult choices and challenges; what hosting to choose, how to connect my domain name to my site?

All you need is a domain name, and we take care of the rest;

You’ll receive a fully configured WordPress website with sample content, ready for you to make your own.

*No domain name yet? See our  Domain Name E-book for help!

Easy and quick divine website pack
Divi and WordPress flexibility

Divi & WordPress: Flexibility for the Future

Your website will be set up with the Best Technology: Divi is Worldwide the number 1 Premium WordPress Theme. The Pagebuilder is fantastic to use and makes creating pages intuitive and visual.

A large team of IT experts continues to improve and develop Divi and you’ll have the right to all these future updates and features for the lifetime of your website.

Next to that is WordPress the best and most Flexible Foundation for your Website. Your Website can start simple but grow and evolve with your business; you can really do anything with WordPress!

Easy Content Creation with the Visual Drag & Drop Builder

With the Visual Page Builder you build your pages with Modules such as images, sliders, blocks of text, contact forms and much more! We have styled all the modules for you so they create a consistent and professional look together. 

You can easily drag, duplicate and modify elements with your mouse. 

Divine DIY website pack
Divine Classroom Sneak Preview

E-course with Simple Step-by-Step Process

The Online Course takes you by the hand and leads you step by step through all the stages and aspects of building your website yourself.

From setting your fonts and logo, to working with images, graphic design, mobile responsiveness, blogging, to social media and more!

Professional and Stylish Design Framework – Make it Yours with your Unique Branding!

The Elegant and Timeless Design that we’ve created for the Divine Website pack is super versatile!

By setting your own Unique Colours, Typography and Images, your website easily gets your branding and your unique look and feel.

Use the Templates, Layouts and Pre-styled Modules to easily create your beautiful pages. 1000+ fonts are available.

email support divine website pack

E-mail Support: We are there to help you…

We have created a pack with which you can build your website yourself, but if you run into any trouble or have questions, we are there to help you out. You can count on our professional support, so you won’t be doing this alone!

Included in the pack are 4 support hours that you can use for a full year. None of our website creators ever needed those full 4 hours, but it’s good to know that it’s there!

Save thousands… and Empower Yourself!

When you create your website yourself

 you not only Save a lot of Money
You give yourself skills that will give you lots of Independence and Flexibility

Skills that will be invaluable for
growing and blossoming your business!

But it can be overwhelming.

When doing it on your own you’ll need to find a lot of time & energy
to research the many choices,

and to scroll through webpages with tutorials and fixes
things don’t work as they should…

There is a Solution where you can have

the Best of Both Worlds:  

If you’re looking for the Independence, Flexibility and Freedom
of creating your own site
you’d like it to be Easy and Flowing,
with the boring bits all done for you,

the Divine DIY Website Pack if for you!

It’s a Shortcut that Simplifies creating your Website
for a Small Investment that is Worth every Cent…


Bring your vision to life – Start Now: 

Build your own Beautiful Website
with Fantastic Tools and Friendly Support!


Not ready to start or do you have Questions?

Schedule a free chat or join the Free Image Library:

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Free Website Chat

Ask us any questions you may have and explore if website creation is for you! Contact us now to Schedule your free website chat.

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Join the Free Image Library

A curated collection of free gorgeous images for your website, blog, social media and marketing.
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This is what our Website creators say about the Pack:

“The Divine Website pack helps take away all that website creation stress and simplify all the techy stuff, presenting you with support and a brand new site all ready to go in a way that feels like a leisurely walk in nature. Simply blissful!”

Fiona Morris | Nourish & Flourish

“Websites with a Heart aligned perfectly with my business and working together was an absolute pleasure. With their comprehensive support, I felt empowered to begin creating an online presence and the result is a beautiful, user friendly website that can grow over time with my ever-changing needs. Thank you Helena and Dave!”

Kristy Scougall | Aussie Naturopath

“Can’t recommend this enough – I would NEVER have had the website I have without this pack AND it has allowed me to create it myself and have control over it … brilliant, supportive and just fabulous really.”

Donna Booth | Vitality Retreat

How it works:


STEP 1 - Buy the Divine DIY website Package through this page


STEP 2 - We will get in touch with you to ask you for the login details to your registered Domain Name*. We will need these to set-up and connect your website package. We will also ask you for your choice of email addresses, for example, hello@yoursite.com, or yourname@yoursite.com. You can choose 3!

* Don’t have a domain name registered yet? Don’t worry, we can help you by thinking along! We also have a Domain Name E-book with lots of tips and inspiration, you can download it here.


STEP 3 - We will also ask you for your choice of email addresses, for example, hello@yoursite.com, or yourname@yoursite.com. You can choose 3!


STEP 4 - Your package will be ready for you to work with within 48 hours from receiving your Domain Name logins (depending on where your domain name is registered and what their processing time is). You will receive a PDF from us with all your login details clearly listed, for your website, email addresses and of course the online course. You'll receive your passwords separately through a secure link, to keep them safe.


STEP 5 - You can now login to the e-course and your website and you are ready to build your website step by step. If you have questions, you can always contact us by email, and we'll be there to help you!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it not too difficult?

We believe anyone can build their own website, and the goal of our Website pack is to make it as easy as possible.

Our pack takes away all hurdles in getting started. Don’t worry about setting up WordPress, Divi, connecting your domain name, website back-ups and security. We do all that for you.

Your Website Creation Roadmap will guide you step by step through your website creation process and a guided website exploration tour will show you what’s where in your site. Dummy content makes it easy to see what’s what and your can easily replace it with your own content.

Our friendly, positive and inspiring e-course full of easy to follow videos will make you forget that you’re actually learning new skills. Our pre-styled modules and layouts will make creating your content a breeze. And if you get stuck with something, just let us know. We’re here to help!

Is this for me?

If you are excited to learn new skills and able to create time to go through the e-course and watch the videos; YES! In the process of building your own website you will learn invaluable skills that will give you huge freedom and save you lots of money in the future.

How you present your offerings will probably develop and change as your biz grows and changes, and not having to pay someone for every change and improvement you’d like to make is the ultimate freedom.

If you are ready to commit to yourself and to your (business) dreams, and to putting that out in the world, the Divine Website Pack is your ideal companion on your journey.

Our clients actually tell us often that creating the pages and website itself is relatively easy, what takes them most of the time is figuring out what they’d like to say and how on their website. This is something every business owner faces unless you hire a professional copywriter/marketing team.

Our sample content can be a big help with that, and we also have a bonus module on content writing for your website to help you along the way.

Will I need special skills to make it look good?

Our pre-styled modules and layouts make creating gorgeous web pages easy! They have been lovingly designed and give you an enormous advantage over working with just the Divi theme and Divi Builder.

We’ve already made 100s of settings for you so you can place items such as contact forms, sign-ups and headers  and they look good out of the box! You can easily customize them further with tweaks of your own to make sure they fit your unique brand, with your fonts and colours.

Moreover, once you are nearly finished, you can request a website check from us, we’ll go through your site and share tips and tweaks with you for those final finishing touches making sure you will publish a professional stylish website when you go live! 

Is this the best choice for my website? What about Wix & Squarespace?

As part of the pack, you’ll receive a WordPress website. You may have heard about other platforms, such as Squarespace or Wix, and considered them for your site. We’ve worked with these systems and they make it easy to start, but none of them have the big advantage of WordPress: flexibility. You can do almost anything with WordPress. From a basic website to an online shop, and even a membership site. Every other system out there has certain restrictions that you’ll run into as your business grows, either with how it can look or with what is technically possible. With WordPress you won’t. You can have content in multiple languages, newsletter connections, take payments online, blog, create customer areas and much more. You can do it all with WordPress.

The Divi theme, that we use as the foundation for our Divine Website Pack, is the most popular premium theme for WordPress. Its drag-and-drop Page builder is truly amazing, but out of the box it can still be overwhelming and a bit of work to make your site look good. With our Website Pack, we’ve greatly enhanced your experience of working with Divi. We’ve made 100s of settings for you, which means our pre-styled modules look great and well coordinated out of the box. Making your website with these tools is super-intuitive and lots of fun. If you want to build your own website, and do it well, our website pack gives you all you need. Combined with our magic plugin pack and professional setup service, we believe the Divine Website Pack is the best choice you can make for your website.

Is this Pack worth my Money?

Yes definitely! Our pack is actually extremely good value. By buying our pack you receive the right to use our Developers Divi license for the lifetime of your website, which gives you lifetime access to Divi Theme updates. A Divi lifetime licence already costs $249. Next to that you receive a full year free high quality green hosting at a value of $120.  As part of our Magic Plugin pack we install several premium plugins that help speed up your site and make it more secure, at a value of $100  per year. 

Next to that you save so much time by not having to figure out everything by yourself … You’ll have a course that will guide you through the process and layouts and modules to make it easy.  And email support from professional website designers to help you when you get stuck! 

But the biggest benefit of all will be the enormous savings you’ll make into the forseeable future by not having to hire a webdesigner for every change and improvement you’d like to make to your website. The savings you make there could be in the thousands.

Can I sell things through my Website or have a Shop?

Yes you can have a shop with our Divine Website Pack. The most popular and free e-commerce plugin for WordPress (Woocommerce) is fully compatible with our pack, and we have a whole set of premium third party videos available for you that explains how to add products to your shop, use categories, etc. 

The Divi shop module makes it easy for you to display new items, featured items or sale items at the top.

We also explain in the e-course how you can add simple buy it now buttons to your pages connected to Paypal. 

Examples of what Divine Website pack users have created:

Take the first step today!

Build your Beautiful Website yourself
with Fantastic Tools and Friendly Support…


Not ready to start or do you have Questions?

Schedule a free chat or join the Free Image Library:

free website chat

Free Website Chat

Ask us any questions you may have and explore if website creation is for you! Contact us now to Schedule your free website chat.

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Join the Free Image Library

A curated collection of free gorgeous images for your website, blog, social media and marketing.
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Joy Hoppenot

“I have built 3 websites now using the Divine DIY Website pack.  Having the online classroom means I have been able to do things that I would never have known how to do otherwise and I’ve produced great looking websites at a reasonable cost.  Helena has also been great, helping me out when I’ve got stuck.  All in all, a brilliant way to get an affordable website that I’m in control of.  I won’t hesitate to use her package again or recommend it to anyone who wants to build their own website!

Sarah Clay | The Office Fixer

About Websites with a Heart

Hi, I’m Helena :)

Together with Dave I run Websites with a Heart from our home in a small village in the middle of wild nature.

We’re both passionate about supporting you to create your life from your heart, and we’re excited to give you the technical tools you need to bring your vision and dream to life and share your story and offerings with the world.

Do you dream of a life where you can be free to explore your talents and passions, and where you can set your own rhythms and schedules? I did too!

Dave and I have always had big dreams and plans and we always went for them. We learnt graphic and web design because we wanted to have the technical skills and flexibility to help us realize our projects and ideas.

We didn’t really think we’d become graphic and web designers at the time, but more and more people started asking us for help with their websites, and we were good at what we did, so people kept coming to us and we just rolled into it. And we found it really suited our lifestyle, we loved being flexible and location-independent. We’ve now worked for clients all over the world for 13+ years!

Although we love creating websites for our clients, we also wanted to empower people with the technical tools and skills that have helped us so much in creating our life on our own terms.

We created a package that makes it easy and affordable for you to create your website yourself, so you can start your own business and create the life you dream of.

This is how the Divine DIY Website pack was born!

We’d love to help & support you with creating your Beautiful Website and make those dreams come alive…



Earn your Website fee Back with our Friends Program

Through our Affiliate Program you can earn $50 for every new website pack client. Contact us for more information!

Green hosting for our Website packs

We work with a hosting company that uses 100% renewable energy through Ecotricity, their data centres are energy efficient, trees are planted for each new customer and they collaborate with partners such as Trees for Life, Veritree, Ecologi and 1t.org. 

Do you have a question? Please get in touch!

We’d love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have.  You can reach us by email on hello@websiteswithaheart.com.

Or simply fill in the form below and we’ll get back to you promptly,
We look forward to hearing from you!

“I’m not a tech person. I knew what I wanted my website to look like but I had no idea how to achieve that look! I thought I would need to have a crazy budget to allow my website dreams to happen and then I found Helena and Websites with a heart.

The package made it easier for me to get the powerful advantages of the Divi theme, which is as amazing as everything I had read online. The key difference was that I wasn’t overwhelmed. The tutorials answered all my questions and Helena was always at hand to answer questions.

In a week I was able to take my brand vision and create this website that I have been dreaming of for so long. I’m in love with the result I was able to achieve and so happy that I know how to maintain this myself! The child theme Helena and Dave have created is so gorgeous, you really can’t go wrong.

I’d encourage anyone to take up this offer and create a website you can be proud of.
Thanks so much, you’ve made my business vision come to life!

Ceri Gillett