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the magic of a visual page builder theme for your website

In this article we share why we love Divi so much and why we recommend it for your website.

You may have heard about Divi already. It’s the most popular Premium WordPress theme out there with over a million websites running Divi theme at the moment. We use Divi ourselves and for all our clients as well.

In this article we’ll share with you:

  • What a WordPress theme is
  • What Divi theme is, including a little sneak peak at how the visual builder works so you can see what the buzz is about.
  • Why we love Divi and recommend it as the basis for your website.

But first a little bit of background …


What a WordPress theme is and how we chose DIVI  for our biz

What is a WordPress theme actually? A WordPress theme is collection of files that define the appearance of your website, in other words, it creates the “look” of a WordPress website. There are simple themes that only set fonts and colours, and there are more advanced themes, complete with page builders that can make it very easy to create beautiful layouts for your pages. There are thousands of themes to choose from, some great, some not so great!

We’ve been working as webdesigners for well over 10 years now, and some years ago we started designing our own WordPress themes.

One thing we learnt from doing this, is that the online world and the internet develops FAST! As a smaller design studio we could not keep up with all that was happening, adapting our themes along with new technology that became available.

And so we realized that we needed:

  • A very robust basis for our clients. So a theme that keeps developing and changing along with what’s happening on the internet, with a big team of coders behind it, working on it and improving it as a full-time job.
  • A fully customizable theme, to create a unique look for each client.
  • A theme with an intuitive drag and drop page builder (more about that in a bit!)

We started researching existing WordPress themes, we bought licenses for all major premium themes that were available and tested their ease of use and functionality. Among the themes we tested were Beaver Builder, Thrive, Avada, … and Divi theme.

Divi theme won the competition J We found it a very robust and intuitive theme to work with, and we just loved their visual page builder that made it possible to work directly on a page as any website visitor would see it. 

What a visual page builder can do for your website

Drag and drop page builders make it easy to create beautiful and varied layouts for your pages. Divi has a great visual  page builder, which means you can drag and drop elements around and work very intuitively in the front end of your website. So you see the changes right in front of you as you make them, just as a visitor to your site would see them. This as opposed to working in the back-end, where your content is represented by schematic blocks, or shown in fonts that are different from those you actually use on your site.


Visual Front-end Builder

In the video below you can see an example of working in the visual front-end builder. You can type straight into your pages. If you’re used to working in a separate editor, this new way of working really is magical and wonderful, and if we look back to what was possible when we started in web design so many years ago, the technology really has come a long way!

Other things we love about divi

Site-wide settings with the Customizer

Another really good feature of Divi is the customizer. With the customizer you make site wide settings for colours and fonts, so you can change the branding and look for your site all from one central place. All Google fonts are available, and you can easily choose a unique set of fonts for your site. And it’s still possible to make local small changes if you’d like something to stand out from the rest.


Layouts & Templates

Divi theme also offers layouts, pre-made page templates that you can load into your pages to use as a starting point. This means you can make parts of pages or even complete pages as templates and re-use them on other pages of your site.


Easy to insert Modules

There are many modules that you can insert into your pages wherever you like. Of course there are the standard ones like text and image, but there are also email optins (for people to subscribe to your newsletter), galleries, testimonials, contact forms etc.


There’s a big team behind Divi

Divi continues to get better and better. They have a big team behind their theme, and they keep developing and innovating.


Responsive theme

Divi has some great tools to make sure your website looks good on any device, so it’s fully responsive. Nowadays it’s important to tweak your site for mobile and tablet viewing, and the settings that Divi offer make this easy and intuitive.

OUr heartfelt recommendation ♥

We love Divi, and ever since we’ve decided to go down the Divi road for our business and for our clients, we haven’t looked back. So we highly recommend it as a foundation for your website. We feel its tools and technology are a big plus for any website.

A website built with Divi gives you the ability to make changes and add new content easily yourself. Your business will evolve and grow, and this theme gives you flexibility and independence; you can create new sales pages, optins or offers when the inspiration strikes you. This is crucial when you are growing and developing your business.

We hope our heart-felt recommendation for Divi helps you in deciding on a theme for your website with confidence. There are thousands of themes out there but in our professional opinion Divi is one of the best, if not the best, if you’d like to have the freedom and flexibility to also work on your website yourself. 

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