Helena was a pleasure to work with. Although I never got to meet her as I live halfway around the world in Australia, I felt I was supported throughout the project and that special attention was given to me – I never felt like one of many. Helena answered all of my silly questions patiently (I am not tech savvy!) and I found I actually learned quite a lot myself about how to set up and manage my website, and since Helena completed her work I have been able to do my own updates. I love the colour scheme that Helena came up with (to match my photo and graphics) and the style of the whole site is very ‘me’, which several people who know me have commented on also. Overall, I am very pleased with the entire process and outcome. Thanks!

Grace -


I approached websites with a heart as I loved the style and the offering of creating a template and website a swell as teaching the client how to be involved in the creation of their work and have independence from a webmaster. I have always wanted to learn how to create a website but I was very unskillful in the language of computers. I had lost hope of ever learning. However working with Helena and her team was a great experience. She is very encouraging and has patience to work along with you. My learning curve was slow and stubborn, but Helena with her support and the resources she offers are very easy to understand and this is crucial as she has created pdf files and videos for you to learn and get involved in the process of making your website. She is a great designer who takes into account your vision and what you wish to offer and represent through your website. She always answered my questions on time and her support was lovely in my creative learning process. I love the results of our work together and I can truly say I learned how to be the creatrix of my website !!!. I look forward to more collaborations together working on my website and designs with websites with a heart !!! Thank you Helena !!

Maxine - Escuela Meraki

Black Woodpecker next to hole in tree

This Spring Websites with a Heart have built a beautiful website for my Ecological Consultancy 'Buitenwaard' in the Netherlands. The site is attractive and modern, easy to maintain and very accessible for visitors.

Working with Dave from Websites with a Heart was very pleasant throughout. I had a fairly good idea of what I wanted, but the help with putting that into a design and working website was invaluable. Thanks to Websites with a Heart's technical skills and knowledge about communication, we now have a wonderful online presence!

Jaap Gijsbertsen -

Eva Wessel

Thank you so much for your great job, patience and ideas.
It was a pleasure to cooperate with you!

Eva -

Hanneke van Studio Food & Mood

Wow! We are super happy that we got in touch with Helena & Dave. We couldn’t have wished for a better partner for creating our website. They thought along, sussed out really well what we needed and came up with some excellent ideas for us. The job was done beautifully, on time and working together was smooth and happy. And the name – Websites with a Heart – fits perfectly!

Hanneke - Studio Food & Mood


Websites with a Heart, a very fitting name. Helena is a woman with heart for her work and her clients. We started our cooperation with friendly mail exchanges, followed by a skype chat. We had a wonderful click – and there was a lot of enthusiasm, it was like we knew each other for a long time. I eagerly started to work with the questions she asked me to get better insight into how I would want my website to be.
A lot of communication followed, I had a lot of questions, and I changed my mind a few times. But she was patient and enthusiastic and and on we went. She thought along, which was great, because she really helped to make my website very professional through her graphic design tips.
So Websites with a Heart is a must if you need a websites that touches hearts. Even if you don’t know what you are after yet. A few words that pop into my mind when I think of Helena: “reliable, warm personality, creative, loving, professional, thinking along, enthusiastic and approachable”.

Mirjam -


I am super happy with my theme & website by Dave & Helena, and the way we have worked together. They are very knowledgeable and respond very quickly when you need them. Their friendliness ensures that working together is easy.
I found it special that when I had an idea about the look of something, Helena took it and developed it in a way that fitted me and my business exactly. Next to the website package that I bought from them, Helena has designed my logo, business cards and headed paper and they totally fit my business. On a daily basis I receive super positive feedback from my clients on my branding. Websites with a heart, thanks a lot! I highly recommend your services!

Tineke -


Straight From the Heart to Websites with a Heart 😉
Working with Websites with a heart has been, and still is, an absolute joy. From helping us out with our first basic website to professionalizing and transforming it to a brand experience including shop, Websites with a Heart has proven to be a solid and reliable partner and has truly never let us down in agreements and expectations. With friendly communication, clear explanation of how we can do things ourselves and on time delivery it has been a pleasure to work with Dave & Helena.

Marlene -

Lucinda Button

Working with Websites with a Heart was a fantastic experience. From the first call it was clear that they understood what I wanted, and the communication throughout was easy and clear. Creatively they really got it, and we are very pleased with the end result - a beautiful, clean and user friendly website. Thanks Helena and Dave!

Lucinda Button -

Gabi Hacmon

Working with 'Websites with a heart' was a great experience. I had no idea of what kind of website I wanted in terms of style, practicality etc... After speaking to Dave & Helena extensively about what purpose the website should have, they translated it into an initial design from which we could work with. I always got pretty much immediate feedback and therefore we were able to create the perfect website that I feel fits exactly with what I do and to my personal style. Lot's of eye for detail and most of all, always with the greatest willingness to assist. I highly recommend working with them.

Gabi Hacmon -

Asaf Hacmon

I've been working with Websites with a Heart for years and we have a wonderful relationship. We're business partners, but it feels like we're also friends. They've helped me grow my website into one of the most important marketing tools for my yoga studio in Amsterdam. I know I can always count on them for technical advice and support and developing my site further. I highly recommend them!

Asaf Hacmon -

Galit Hahn

When I decided it was my time to start my own blog and website I contacted Dave & Helena from 'Websites with a heart' and it was a good decision. I knew what I wanted and I had the contents but had no clue how to even start looking at this task. I wanted something simple and easy / foolproof to maintain and keep it dynamic. They set me up with the simplicity template, that works very well with my healthy food and lifestyle theme, and equipped me with the most detailed user manual that even a person with technology phobia like me could understand and apply pretty easily. If I needed some extra help or a customised feature, the service I got was spot on, quick and efficient. I feel I have a professional back up and a real home for my constantly changing needs and future growth. Working from a distance was never an issue, as far as I'm concerned, 'Website with a heart' are around the corner.

Galit Hahn -

Monique Coppens

I am super happy with my new website! The result is brilliant, and I have to thank Dave & Helena for that. The collaboration with Websites with a Heart was very pleasant, a real joy! I could really indicate my wishes and customize various things to my own taste. No request was too much, I received clear and pleasant explanations, and answers always came quickly. I am also relieved that I moved my hosting to them, and feel reassured that everything is now working fine behind the scenes of my website. I can wholeheartedly recommend Websites with a Heart. Helena & Dave are very pleasant people and they know how to build beautiful websites!

Monique Coppens -


When I was looking into getting my own website, a whole new world opened up for me. A mix of technique, money and design. Taste is very personal, but I am quite picky about what I like and what I don't like (this is a useful characteristic for a wildlife photographer 🙂
When a friend pointed me to the work of Dave & Helena of websites with a heart, I was immediately sold. The designs they make suit me exactly. The fact that they are not so expensive was also important for me. Looking backward is was really worth the money.

Fokko Erhart -


I am super happy about working with Websites with a Heart. The designs are gorgeous, and I could customize it to my own taste. That turned out to be way easier than I thought, everything was intuitive. And when I did get stuck, I got quick, friendly and professional support. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to set up a beautiful website or blog!

Doortje -

Tchrina Munlin

I loved working with Helena in building my website. She took my mediocre website and made it professional and very appealing. I received tons of compliments from friends and colleagues. Not only was I pleased with the results of my website; her kindness and willingness to go the extra mile made me feel as if I've known her my whole life. I not only know her as a business professional; Helena is my friend.

Thcrina Munlin -



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