When you’re working on your WordPress website you may often find yourself going from one screen to the next. For example, you want to edit some text on a few pages, so you open the pages screen, find the page you want to work on, click it, make your edits, then back to the pages screen, find the next page, click it, make your edits, etc.

Save Time & Improve Workflow WordPress

Use tabs for a better workflow

But there’s an easier way that saves you time and makes your workflow nicer. First open the pages screen, find the page you want to edit, then instead of clicking it, press the CTRL key (or CMD if you’re on Mac) on your keyboard and then click it. This opens the page in a shiny new tab. Then when you’re done editing, simply close the tab and instantly you’re back on your pages screen, ready to go to the next page… You’ve just saved yourself a bunch of clicks.

WordPress page opened in a new tab

Working in two browsers

And here’s another variation on the same concept. Work in two browsers instead of just one. In the first browser (say Chrome) you can have the frontend of your site open (the bit you see when you visit your site). And in the second browser (say Firefox) have the backend (WordPress admin) open.

Working with two browsers at the same time like this helps you speed up your workflow, because you can very quickly switch between the frontend and backend of your site if I want to do a quick check or make a small change. Simply press F5 in the frontend to see the changes you made in the back.

What do you think?

I’d love to hear what you think of these tips. Do you like working with multiple tabs and/or in more than one browser?