Sea Side Fun Treasury

The summer is almost over here, but we’ll be going to the sea in a little while!! I love spending time near the sea in the late summer, the weather is not so blisteringly hot, and everything is so mellow and golden. To get me in the mood I collected some lovely items in this sea side inspired treasury. We’re going to Greece by car, and we’ll be meeting family there. Sanna will love spending time with her grandparents. Can’t wait!!


  1. wooden boat by Stephanie of Wood Heart Gifts on Etsy.
  2. sea urchin by Richard of Atlantis Shell Co on Etsy.
  3. bracelet by Christina of Stones Artisan Jewelry on Etsy.
  4. driftwood felt mobile by Annouko of Feel Felt Felt on Etsy.
  5. gulls and terns shart by Kate of Kate Dolamore on Etsy.
  6. charm necklace with sea glass by Holly of Beach Cove Jewelry on Etsy.
  7. sea foam necklace by Jennifer of PoleStar on Etsy.
  8. Beach whale wall art by David of Studio Tuesday on Etsy.
  9. Seashell earrings by Charlotte of Simple is a Beauty on Etsy.
  10. Beach blanket on Etsy.
  11. Coral & mint earrings by Tracy of Tracy and Friends on Etsy.
  12. driftwood boat by Maria of Maria Seaside on Etsy.