Well, not entirely true, I found about 4… I was really looking forward to hunting for some amazing shells, but they were almost absent where we were staying. But there was something way better than seashells; amazing multi-coloured pebbles and tiny stones in soft pastel shades. A beach combers’ fantasy come true. I turned into a magpie and couldn’t stop searching and collecting them. There were also quite a few small heart shaped stones. Swoon!

I’m not sure what kind of stones these are. We were staying on Thassos and there are a few huge marble quarries there. You see a lot of trucks driving around with massive man-sized blocks of marble. So maybe the red, white and yellow pebbles are small pieces of marble that have become round by rolling in the sea for ages?

If you have a river or coast nearby where there are such beautiful pebbles & stones, let me know πŸ™‚ It seriously is addictive!