Domain names - Brainstorming tips

Thinking up with a wonderful, short and snappy domain name can be quite a challenge! Here we have seven tips for you to help you get to that perfect online address!

  1. If you are a local business, include your town or location, for example, if is already taken you could consider
  2. Include your name in your domain name. might be taken, but what about
  3. If your business is going to be centered around you and your personality, for example if you are a coach, or a therapist, using just your name is an option also, for example
  4. Combine two words to make up your domain name. Sometimes when they start and end with the same letter, your domain name might look a bit odd. For example alive essence together becomes For readability you could include a hyphen in the name; If is also still available it might be useful to also register that domain name. Both domain names can then be pointed to your website, and people will then end up there whether they type it with or without the hyphen.
  5. Think about synonyms, if is already registered, maybe heavenlychocolate is not? You can use a synonym generator such as to generate ideas, or use one of the tools listed in our post on domain name tools.
  6. Have a look at all the different domain name extensions that are available nowadays. For example, one of our clients recently set up a website under the domain name It is sometimes possible to be creative with the extension and include it in your name. Or you can make a subdomain part of your domain name, and in this way still use the word you had in mind. An example This can get a bit complicated but is certainly creative, and might work work really well in certain cases. There are also several tools that help you find these more creative solutions, read more about them in our post on domain name tools. Also read more about domain name extensions in our post six tips for choosing the perfect domain name.
  7. Think of a new word! Many terms that are so common in use today were not known words before someone thought them up. Think of Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest. If it short and it sounds and feels good, it might be just what you need. There is a tool to help you generate new words:

Good luck on your journey to the perfect domain name!

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