Domain names - seven tools

In this article we’ll share seven domain name tools that we have found useful in generating ideas. Not all of these will create off the shelve ready solutions, but the ideas they generate might spark new ideas or new ways of thinking about your domain name, and in this way help you get to your perfect domain name!

Also see our article with 7 domain name brainstorming tips, that gives you more ideas to play around with when you are on a mission to find the perfect domain name.

You’ll also find all these tips in our domain name e-book and lots more; brainstorming ideas, FAQ, and tips and tricks to help you get you that perfect domain name. Scroll down to the bottom of this post to subscribe to our newsletter and receive your free copy.

Before you start using these tools, here is another tip; go back to a trustworthy domain registrar to check actual domain name availability, and for registration, avoid registering through these sites. Some of these tools are owned by domain registrars with questionable practices (see our post frequently asked questions about domain names our our e-book for more info).

Tool 1:

Most of the tools below require you to enter one or two keywords to start searching. You could use a good old thesaurus to come up with some interesting synonyms or similar word ideas for your keywords. Just type in your word(s) at the top and see what comes up.

Tool 2:

Type in a few keywords, (preferable short ones to keep your domain name short) with a space between them and scroll down for lots of ideas

Tool 3:

Generates interesting ideas to be creative with domain extensions and subdomains. Try chocolate for example as a keyword.

Tool 4:

This website gives a quick overview of domains that are still available with your keyword in it.

Tool 5:

Another tool for generating ideas

Tool 6:

This website tool also generates some creative and interesting ideas, start by typing one or two keywords

Tool 7:

A lovely tool, described as a creative name generator. Great for when you are trying to come up with an interesting new word (like pinterest did, or google). You can type a word on the left, specify how long your wordoids can be, what languages to use, whether it should begin or end with your word. on the right you’ll see ideas.

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