We have recently updated the Simplicity theme, and there are some new features that we’d like to tell you about!

choose from several link styles

You can now choose from several link styles for the look of your links. You can for example choose from bright colourful links in your accent colour that are highlighted even further when hovering over them, or you can choose for a more muted style of your links with a subtle grey underline. Have a look at all the options here: link styles Simplicity Theme. You can set your link style in the theme options on the Colour Tab.

use attention boxes for calls to action

Buttons and attention grabbing boxes with calls to action can be very important to encourage visitors to your site to take action, for example to sign up to your newsletter, to download your ebook, or to find out more about a service you are offering. With the Simplicity theme you can now easily include beautiful attention boxes with a shortcode. You can choose which font to use for the heading of the box, and optionally choose to use a subtle grey background to make your message stand out even more. See the new theme documentation for more information. You’ll find the settings for attention boxes on the Typography settings tab in your Theme options.

new homepage layout options

With the updated theme you can now choose from image blocks with link overlays for your homepage. They work simply and intuitively: upload your image, enter the link text that you would like to see over your image, and specifiy a page on your website you would like to link to for a beautiful visual effect. You can find the image block option on the homepage tab of your theme options, and more information also in the updated theme documentation.

insert banner or logo

You can now also insert a full width banner at the top instead of only a logo.So if you have a big graphic for the top of your website, you can brand your website even better.

other improvements

We have also made a few other improvements and fixed some bugs. See the Simplicity Theme changelog for all details.

To have a look at the Simplicity Theme and all it’s features, visit the Simplicity Theme page, or have a look at the Simplicity Theme Live Demo, where you can see it all in action.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we would love to hear from you!