soul-savvy website strategy for calm & quiet solopreneurs

When you hear the words “website strategy” you’ll probably think of high-rise office buildings with reflective windows, and people dressed in suits, talking about boring stuff in soul-less meeting rooms.

But website strategy is important for any business owner, and especially for calm and quiet loving solopreneurs.  

Let’s find out why!

Imagine your website like a garden café, a place where people can get to know you and your business.

A pleasant place to look around in and get a drink or a bite to eat.

This is your space, your world, that you can invite people into. Ideally you’d like them to look around, sit down, listen to some of the things you have to say, and try some of the tasty food you’ve prepared for them. 

garden cafe website soul-savvy website strategy


Going out of your garden, to spread the word about your sanctuary, can be tiring, and even overwhelming.

Because it’s noisy out there, with so many people screaming at the top of their lungs about their gardens too. But there seems to be no real way around this. Because for people to know about your place, this is something you feel you need to do regularly.

And so you do. And even though it’s hard work, you do manage to bring a few people into your garden café.

But then what? Often nothing happens. People don’t stay very long at all: they don’t walk around, don’t taste the food, and don’t listen to some of the things you have to say… Why not?


 Here’s what’s the case for many garden café owners: their place is not ready to receive the guests…

They haven’t thought well enough about what their guests need…

What kind of flowers do they like? What are they interested in?

What would they love to read while they relax in a comfy chair?

What kind of foods do they love? What kind of foods do they need?

The table has not been set and the food is cold or not interesting for the guests. There are no signs that could take the guests on interesting trail walks, so they get bored, and leave without taking action.

What a missed opportunity! Because it takes so much time and effort to get people to visit your garden in the first place…

planning set goals


 Every time you go out and you invite people to your garden, you want to be as prepared as possible.

So that all that hard work of bringing people in can actually pay off.

You want your garden café to be so enticing that it helps turn your visitors into subscribers and clients. 

And that is, in a nutshell, what website strategy is all about: maximising the chances that someone visiting your website will want to spend time there and take some kind of action, either subscribing to your newsletter or buying something

Most business owners spend a lot of time hustling and bustling to bring in people, but things are rather inefficient if the garden is not optimized for receiving your guests! 

And where a more extraverted business owner can maybe afford to go about things in an inefficient way, it is not a sustainable way of living or doing business for calm and quiet loving people like you!  

And that’s why it’s crucial to be clever about your marketing and your website, you need soul-savvy marketing and a soul-savvy website to make finding clients as efficient as possible so you can lead a relaxed and balanced life.

relaxed balanced life


So what should your garden café have and be to make it such an enchanting place that people relax and sit down once they enter, try the tasty food and look at the offers you have prepared for them?

How do you create a place visitors keep coming back to and want to stay in the loop about through the newsletters you send out?

The Divine DIY Website Pack helps you create such a website step by step:

✔ It’s about getting crystal clear on who you help

✔ who you are and what you stand for,

✔ what exactly you help them with, their problem or challenge

✔ It’s about thinking deeply about the journey your clients will go on, from first recognizing they have a problem and searching for solutions and information, to becoming your paying clients.

✔ And it’s about crafting offers that are super attractive and effective in helping you clients.

And then pouring all the information and insights you have gathered into effective website pages. You’ll learn how to practically create marketing-savvy web pages and you’ll have ready-made templates to make it super easy.

Because we don’t only guide you through creating your website strategy.

You’ll also get all the website tech you need and we show you step by step how to build your very own beautiful and marketing-savvy website with the very best website tools out there that give you maximum flexibility to grow and blossom your business  – without the high monthly fees that some platforms have.

We’ve poured all our love into the Divine DIY website pack to give you absolutely everything you need to successfully create a soul- and marketing savvy website yourself.

And I’ll be by your side throughout your journey, I’d love to be your accountability partner, cheerleader and tech support, all throughout your website creation experience.

You can find out all the details here:

Divine DIY Website Pack Illustration

Warm wishes,

signature Helena Heart