We had some lovely guests; they came in the night and stayed over, all 14 of them. They were a bit noisy but it wasn’t too bad. They stayed till nine in the morning when the rising sun painted them lightly with gold.

Seeing these storks is a sure sign that summer is nearly over and autumn is almost here. They are migrating south again, where it will be warmer. Each year, this change brings me a pensive mood. A time for reflection and time of peace but also memories and thoughts of ‘that was another year again’.

As always my little girl was very good at snapping me from my musings, bringing me right back to the now again; she was most fascinated by the droppings of the storks, that were white, thick and drooping from their resting places πŸ™‚ Yes, storks also have to go! So much for romance and poetry πŸ™‚