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Free Stylish Autumn images for blog & social media posts

Are you looking for some great images to make your autumn blog & social media posts shine, but don’t have the time to search for hours for the right image? I’ve just added lots of lovely & stylish autumn-themed images to the Free Image library that you can use for your blog & social media […]

Autumn Treasures

It starts to feel like winter already in the evenings, with how dark it is so early… But during the day there is still some lovely autumn weather. Morning mist followed by sunny golden days, some of my favourite weather ( I have many kinds of favourite weather :)) Look what I found; some lovely […]

just a moment – 4 nov ’14

All the snow has melted again, not surprising because the temperature never went below zero throughout the whole snow saga. Very glad we are getting some proper autumn weather again now, this change from summer straight into winter was a bit too much… Sunny weather predicted now, so hoping for some more beautiful fungi in […]

snow came too early…

The predicted light dusting of snow turned out to be a lot more…. 40 cm of snow in October! Many trees are still in leaf and were catching a lot of snow, the branches became too heavy and started breaking, trees came down on powerlines. No electricity and internet for 3 days, hello winter in […]

Have you ever met the Amethyst Deceiver?

What a beautiful mushroom! And its name is just amazing; Amethyst Deceiver – Laccaria amethystina. Amethyst because of its purple colour, and deceiver because it changes so much as it ages, so that it becomes difficult to identify it. This one is obviously in the bloom of its life because I had no problem looking […]

storks and pensive moods

We had some lovely guests; they came in the night and stayed over, all 14 of them. They were a bit noisy but it wasn’t too bad. They stayed till nine in the morning when the rising sun painted them lightly with gold. Seeing these storks is a sure sign that summer is nearly over […]