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just a moment – 25 april’15

Another spring, blossom again, but I never get used to it!! This time of year is so breathtakingly beautiful in the countryside in Bulgaria, especially when the sun goes down and shines through all those tender little flowers.

just a moment – 20 feb’15

A beautiful nest I found during a bitterly cold but sunny walk in the woods. You can still see the feathers that once kept the baby birds warm. Looks ready for re-use sometime soon. Can’t wait for the spring, I want to walk barefoot in the garden again. Shared as a Friday Find on

just a moment – 4 nov ’14

All the snow has melted again, not surprising because the temperature never went below zero throughout the whole snow saga. Very glad we are getting some proper autumn weather again now, this change from summer straight into winter was a bit too much… Sunny weather predicted now, so hoping for some more beautiful fungi in […]