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My favourite summer berry images

Here’s a selection of my favourite summer berry images from the Free Image library. See them all by typing “summer berries” in the search box, or choose “summer berries” from the tag cloud in the library. Enjoy ♥  

No seashells in Greece! but something better…

Well, not entirely true, I found about 4… I was really looking forward to hunting for some amazing shells, but they were almost absent where we were staying. But there was something way better than seashells; amazing multi-coloured pebbles and tiny stones in soft pastel shades. A beach combers’ fantasy come true. I turned into […]

Treasury – Sea side fun

The summer is almost over here, but we’ll be going to the sea in a little while!! I love spending time near the sea in the late summer, the weather is not so blisteringly hot, and everything is so mellow and golden. To get me in the mood I collected some lovely items in this […]

storks and pensive moods

We had some lovely guests; they came in the night and stayed over, all 14 of them. They were a bit noisy but it wasn’t too bad. They stayed till nine in the morning when the rising sun painted them lightly with gold. Seeing these storks is a sure sign that summer is nearly over […]