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Free Winter Images

It’s really cold and snowy here now – the heart of winter 🙂  If you need some wintery images for your blog and social media posts, click here to see all our winter themed images.

just a moment – 20 feb’15

A beautiful nest I found during a bitterly cold but sunny walk in the woods. You can still see the feathers that once kept the baby birds warm. Looks ready for re-use sometime soon. Can’t wait for the spring, I want to walk barefoot in the garden again. Shared as a Friday Find on

Awakening from hibernation

It feels a bit like awakening from hibernation here 🙂 I have been really busy over the past months, with completing our second WordPress Theme, with the holidays, with staying warm when temperatures dropped far below zero, digging snow. We have also had many visitors here over the past weeks. My parents, but also many […]

snow came too early…

The predicted light dusting of snow turned out to be a lot more…. 40 cm of snow in October! Many trees are still in leaf and were catching a lot of snow, the branches became too heavy and started breaking, trees came down on powerlines. No electricity and internet for 3 days, hello winter in […]