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The New WordPress 5 Block Editor


  With it’s latest update to WordPress 5, WordPress has introduced a new text editor that looks quite different from what we’ve been using before. We’ve tested it and found it very pleasant to work with. It’s calmer and we think it works very intuitively. In this post we give you a quick impression. Please […]

Updating to WordPress 5 with Divi


  In this post you can read how you can update your site safely to WordPress 5, and also update Divi theme to the latest version. We’ll also explain how to make a back-up first, so if anything would go wrong, you can restore your site. After that you’ll see what your choices are after […]

Restoring your website from a Duplicator backup


  If you’ve updated your WordPress website and you’d like to roll back, you can do so with a Duplicator backup. For this to work you need to have made a backup before you updated your site. For more information on making a backup, see our post on updating to WordPress 5 with Divi, where […]