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Double your wordpress security in 2 easy steps

Double your Wordpress Security in 2 easy steps

One of the best things about a WordPress website is that you can login and edit your content yourself. No need to get a webdesigner involved each time you want to add or adjust something. But like for any other system that you can login to, there is a downside: someone else could gain unauthorized […]

Save time and improve your WordPress workflow

Save time and improve your workflow kin Wordpress

When you’re working on your WordPress website you may often find yourself going from one screen to the next. For example, you want to edit some text on a few pages, so you open the pages screen, find the page you want to work on, click it, make your edits, then back to the pages […]

Custom header images in WordPress

In many WordPress themes, you can set a custom header image for your WordPress website. This is great if you want to give your site your own look and feel. In this brief tutorial we explain how to set a custom header image for your site. You’ll also find out how you can let WordPress […]