WordPress Theme and Setup Package Terms

When you buy our WordPress Website & Blog Pack, our WordPress Theme Terms apply. Next to that the terms below also apply.

With the WordPress Website & Blog Pack we offer 12 month of free hosting for your website. If you prefer to use different hosting, we’re unable to supply a discount on the pack.

Our WordPress Website Hosting Terms apply. After the first 12 months, we can continue hosting your website for our standard hosting price. You’re also free to host your website elsewhere (but keep in mind your site will need to be moved there, which may involve a cost).

The following is included in the theme and install pack:

  • Setup of a WordPress hosting pack at our hosting for one year.
  • Point the nameservers of your domain to your hosting.
  • Setting up a maximum of 3 email accounts linked to your domain.
  • Installing the latest version of WordPress.
  • Installation of one of our themes.
  • installation of our plugin pack.
  • Support for your theme; of something doesn’t work as it should, we fix it. next to that we also offer general WordPress support, but only to clients whose sites we host. Read more about the support we offer.

If you’d like to carry out some of the above steps yourself, we’re unable to give a discount on the pack price.

If you’d like us to do more work, we can do so at our hourly rate or give you a quote in advance.

To point the nameservers of your domain to your website, we need temporary access to your domain control panel. Without this we’re unable to complete this step.

If you buy your own hosting, we need access to your hosting control panel to setup WordPress, your email and our theme.

If you have an existing WordPress website (hosted yourself or through wordpress.com) that you’d like to move to our hosting, we’ll be happy to help you with that. There will be a cost, depending on the size of your existing site and the way it’s setup. a title=”Contact” href=”https://websiteswithaheart.com/contact/”>Contact us for more information.