What we do and don’t love about DIVI


Have you heard about Divi and are you wondering what all the buzz is about?

Are you looking for info on what the Divi technology can do for your website and business?

Here I’d like to show you what Divi is, and what I do and don’t like about Divi.

If you have a WordPress website, Divi is one of the top premium themes you can get for it. And if you search for what people say about it, you’ll find many many good things.

I too like Divi a lot. In fact I could say I love it: I’m excited about the possibilities it offers and would recommend it to anyone.

This is why we have the Divine Website Pack , which includes the Divi theme, giving you all the awesome features, and much much more!

But what is so great about this theme, compared to other WordPress themes?

Well, plenty of themes offer some of the features that Divi has. But Divi combines them all in a single, very well made package. Here are some of the things I like so much about this theme, and I’ll also share a few things that I feel could be improved.

The visual builder: build your website in the front-end

Divi’s visual builder is a joy to use. With ordinary WordPress you make your pages in the backend of your site. And then you only see what things look like after you publish it (or by previewing from time to time). But with Divi’s visual builder you work in the frontend of your site and you see all your changes right before your eyes.

This is a much more intuitive and revolutionary  way of creating your content, watch the short video below to see how easy it is…

A good visual builder is something we always wanted for our clients. There are other visual builders too, and we’ve tried many of them. Until now we found most of them slow or buggy or lacking in features or un-intuitive. So we never settled on one. But Divi has changed that.

Divi’s visual builder is what we always imagined a visual website builder should be like. Easy, fast, stable, and intuitive. And they continue to improve it. In fact they’re committed to having the best visual builder for WordPress out there.

 Modules and Layouts

Divi has over 30 different modules to help you build your pages. Contact form, email optin, images, text, slider, testimonials, buttons, etc. Add whatever you need to your pages and drag and drop things around to where you want them. It has everything you need to build a great website!

With our Divi Child Theme that is part of the Divine Website pack we have pre-styled all the layouts, so you insert gorgeous looking modules in your page that you can further customize yourself.

And then there are layouts to really speed things up. You can create a page, save it as a template and then use that as a starting point somewhere else. If you’re making something like a membership site or a course-space where you need every page to have the same layout, this is a big time saver! The layout options that Divi offers have allowed us to create ready-made layouts for our customers to use as starting points. So we’ve made layouts for an about page, a shop-page, a homepage, a sales page, a contact page, and many many more.

See examples here of how inserting modules works:


Infinite flexibility

Divi comes with a standard look but that’s only a starting point. You can set your own fonts, colours, everything. Almost every part of your website’s look you can adjust, so you can really create your own designs.

With Divi you can build almost anything. If you see a design and want to take that as inspiration for your own site, that’s possible. If you’re feeling creative and have something in mind you’d like to create, with Divi you can.

Or, if you want to save time, we’ve created a child-theme for Divi with a clean, attractive look. Essentially with a child-theme you get 100s of settings already made. You can take this as a starting point and make it your own with a few small additional tweaks. Three example looks of our Dawn theme:


Library and re-using blocks of content

Divi has a built-in library system that lets you store and reuse items. This handy feature makes building your website very efficient, because you can create a page and then save any part of it to the library and reuse it elsewhere on your site.

You can reuse blocks as individual items, but you can also set them to be global. A global block is always the same everywhere on your site. So you can manually change it in a single place and it then automatically changes across your whole site. Perfect for items that need to be the same on every page, like special offers or email optins.

Website security & mobile responsiveness

On the geeky side of things Divi’s code is very well written and error-free. This means that a site built on Divi runs without errors, loads well, looks good across all browsers, and ranks better in search engines than comparable sites. Technically Divi has been developed very well, which makes it a very good platform to work from.

Divi is also a very secure theme and Securi (a leading website security firm) have given it their Safe Theme seal.
And it’s a fully responsive theme, so it adapts to fit on every screen size, from mobile to desktop. You can make special settings to tweak your content’s look for mobile and tablet view, easily and intuitively 🙂



What we don’t like so much about DIVI

There are a few things about Divi that we feel could be improved.

Limited Free Font Availability

We think it’s a shame that as standard, Divi doesn’t offer you the option to use all the free google fonts that are available. There are many many gorgeous free google fonts that our clients love to use and they are just not there. This is why, as part of our Divine Website pack, we include a premium plugin that makes all the google fonts available to our clients.

The Standard Look

The Divi modules have certain look out of the box, that doesn’t appeal to everyone. It is a more corporate look, that can of course be adjusted to make it look exactly the way you want, but that requires you to make hundreds of settings, especially if you’d like all your modules to have a gorgeous branded coordinated look.

This is why we’ve created our Divi Child theme as part of our Divine Website pack. We’ve made all these settings already, so all you have to do is insert the pre-styled modules from the library, to create gorgeous content. Moreover, we’ve created dummy content for each module, so you immediately see what you’ve got once you insert a module,  and you can easily replace the images, headings and body text with your own.

Overwhelment (is that a word?)


Divi is amazingly flexible, there is so much you can do with this theme and it totally empowers you to create your own website, doing many things that you’d normally need a webdesigner’s help for. But this flexibilty is also a weakness. There is so much to tweak and adjust and learn, that the whole thing can sometimes be overwhelming or frustrating.

That’s why we’ve created the Divine Classroom, a full e-course including lots of info, video classes and a module library, where we show you step by step how to create your website, use the modules, and brand your site with all of the amazing technology that Divi offers. Creating your own website should be fun! Access to the Divine classroom is included in our Divine Website pack.


We hope this overview of Divi gives you more clarity about what Divi really is and what it can do for your website!

If you have any questions about Divi, please send me a message, I’d love to hear from you and help you along 🙂


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