divine diy website pack terms

Our mission is to make creating your own website as easy as possible. So we’ve bundled all our expertise in the Divine DIY Website Pack. We believe that through this pack you receive a top-notch website, with minimal effort, at a great price. We aim to do everything for you in the best possible way and get you off to a flying start with creating your website.

When you buy from us you do so under the terms below, so please make yourself familiar with them.


your domain name

We strongly recommend you register your domain in your *own* name. This way you’ll always have full control over your domain, which is an important business asset. In case someone is helping you with domain registration, make sure they put in all your details correctly. We recommend you register it at a reputable domain registrar. If you need any help registering a domain name we’re happy to give you advice, but we’re unable to register your domain on your behalf.

Connecting your domain name to your website hosting is included. To do so we’ll need temporary access to your domain name control panel, otherwise we can’t perform this step for you.

We don’t carry out any other domain related work as part of the Divine DIY Website Pack. But if you’d like us to do any additional work, we’re happy to give you a quote for the extra.


divi theme, license and support

As part of the Divine DIY Website Pack we install and configure Divi for you. Divi is a premium WordPress theme, offered by Elegant Themes, that you would otherwise need to pay an annual fee for.

As part of the pack you receive the right to use our Divi Developer’s License for your website. This is a lifetime license and will give you access to lifetime updates for the Divi theme.

If you prefer to purchase and use your own license, we’re happy to install and activate this for you. But please note that we’re unable to offer a discount on the package price if you choose to supply your own license.



As part of the Divine DIY Website Pack we offer to host your WordPress website at no cost to you for 12 months at our hosting.

After 12 months you can continue to host your website with us at our standard hosting price, or choose to arrange your own hosting.

If you choose to arrange your own hosting after the first 12 months, please see the sections further down on ‘Using your own hosting for the Divine DIY Website Pack’ and ‘Hosting your website elsewhere after the first year’.


wordpress website hosting terms

When you host your WordPress website with us, the WordPress Website Hosting Terms in this section apply.

Our standard hosting package costs € 10.- per month. It includes 1 WordPress install, up to 3 email accounts, 2GB local storage and 20GB monthly bandwidth.

Payment is annually in advance.

hosting resource usage

With our hosting package you receive part of the available server resources. To give everyone a good quality of service, there are limits on the server resources a single hosting account can use. In general these are 10% of the total server resources available. For most websites this will never be an issue, but it’s good to be aware of them. Should your site start to affect the overall performance of a server in any way, we will work with you to resolve this.

hosting policies

You may use our hosting services for lawful purposes only, and things like sending unsolicited bulk email (spam), adult content, and link-farms are forbidden. These examples are a guide and not an exhaustive list. If you have a question on whether or not your content is in violation, please contact us for clarification.

hosting support

When your website is hosted with us, we are your point of contact for any hosting related questions you might have.

As part of the pack you receive a year long free hosting from us. We only offer quality hosting to our clients, which means that, as long as you keep image sizes sensible and don’t overload your website with additional plugins, you can expect your site to run smoothly and load quickly. This is important for your website visitors and search engine rankings. It will also make working on your website more enjoyable because everything works quicker and smoother.

Should you have any technical problems with your hosting, then you can contact us. We offer personal email support and strive to address any issues within one business day of receiving your email.


email and support for email

As part of the Divine DIY Website Pack, we’ll setup a maximum of 3 email addresses for you. As standard each email account gets 250MB of storage space, but we can adjust this to your requirements (within the limits of your hosting package).

You’ll receive access to each email account through a webmail interface, and as part of the pack you’ll receive instructions of how to work with your email through the webmail interface. These instructions also have guidelines for connecting your email to an email client such as Outlook or Mail. It’s also possible to connect your email to a third party email provider such as Gmail.

You’re responsible for managing your email accounts yourself. Connecting them to an email client or third party provider is not included in the pack, because this would need to be done on your own computer or private email account. But we have training to help you with connecting your webmail to Gmail, and the general principles we show in this video can also be helpful if you’d want to connect to another email program. 

For any email connectivity issues we are your point of contact. If there is a technical problem with your email service at our end, we’ll address this as soon as possible. If the issue is caused by something at your end (for example a misconfiguration), or by a third party, then we’ll try our best to help you, but please note that in this case the support we can offer is limited.


As part of the Divine DIY Website Pack you’ll get exclusive access to our Divine classroom. This is an online space where you’ll find in-depth written and video tutorials on how to work with your website. The classroom is a private space and you’ll receive your personal login details for access. We kindly ask you not to share your login details with anyone else, and we reserve the right to restrict access to your account if we notice unusual behaviour. If you’re working on your website with someone else (for example a designer or a text-writer), we’re happy to give them their own access to the classroom also. In that case, please contact us and we’ll set them up with a free account.

The Divine classroom gets updated regularly to reflect updates in Divi. But because Divi updates may be brought out at a different rate than our update schedule, the latest features may not always be covered in the classroom.

wordpress website support

The Divine Website pack is a DIY solution, which means you’ll create your website yourself. You’ll receive a fully set-up website, linked to the domain name of your choice, with up to 3 email addresses, with dummy content and Divi theme and our child theme installed. The Child Theme includes pre-styled modules that you can use to create pages. There are also readymade layouts that you can use as starting point for your pages and that make creating content easy.

Next to this, you’ll get access to an in-depth e-course, the Divine Classroom. The course explains step by step how to create your website and how to work with WordPress, the Divi theme and our child theme.

We’ve tried to cover all aspects of creating your website, so please take your time to go through the course materials.

If after studying the information in the Divine Classroom you’re stuck or something is unclear, you can always email us with your question. We’ll respond as soon as we can (usually within 24 hours during normal office hours). You can contact us for support for one year after handover of your site. We include a maximum of 4 hours of free support per pack in the first year, starting from the day of purchase (our clients rarely need the full 4 hours support so this is plenty). 

Our support consists of pointing you to the right place in our course, or to other online sources where you can find more information on what you’re trying to achieve. If you’re trying to do something that requires more advanced skills, we can often help you on a paid basis. We can give you an idea of how much time it would take us to do the work for you on our hourly rate.

Please note that we only provide free support for what’s possible within the pack as you receive it at the point of handover. One of the strengths of a WordPress website is the almost limitless possibilities it offers. This means you’ll be able to build your site into something far beyond what we initially set you up with. But it also means we’re unable to offer free support for additional functionality you add to your website.

We advise you to be especially  careful about what plugins you install on your website. There are high and low quality plugins available for WordPress, and low quality plugins are often not maintained or updated and can cause trouble for your site; poor quality plugins can break your site or cause security issues. So please avoid adding a lot of random plugins to your site. If you feel some functionality is missing or you are considering installing a plugin, you can get in touch with us and we can give you some feedback. 

In general, you’re always welcome to ask us for advice or help. If it’s something quick we’ll point you in the right direction. Or we can give you an estimate of how much time it would take us to help you on a paid basis. We’re here to help.

As we said earlier, you can contact us for support for one year after handover of your site. We include a maximum of 4 hours of free support per pack in the first year, starting from the day of purchase (our clients rarely need the full 4 hours support so this is plenty). And as long as you continue to host your site with us after the first year, you can continue to count on us for hosting related support (server and email). We don’t offer free WordPress and Divi support after the first year, but we are usually happy and able to help with quick questions and should you need more help then you can buy a support hour @ €49 + VAT. (VAT is a tax only applicable to our clients in the European Union). 

7 day money back guarantee

We want you to be happy with the service we provide, and we offer a 7-Day Money Back Guarantee so you can buy with confidence. If you’re not completely satisfied with the Divine DIY Website Pack, you can request a refund up to 7 days of the date of your purchase. Just get in touch and we’ll cancel your services with us and give you a full refund. Our 7 day money back guarantee is only offered for Divine DIY website packs where we host your website. 


privacy and security

To set up your website we need some personal and private information from you (for example your contact details and domain password). We realise you’re giving this to us in good faith and we promise to keep it safe. We treat all personal information you give us as confidential and store all passwords in a highly-encrypted database. We promise to never give your personal information to anyone else.


limitation of liability

Our main aim with the Divine DIY Website Pack, is to take away any obstacles you might face with setting up your own website. We offer a complete package that we believe is an excellent base for your website. We’re experienced web designers and we’re committed to setting up your website professionally, to the best of our abilities, and to a high standard. That said, we know from experience things go wrong sometimes. If they do, please know that we’ll do everything we can to make them right again. However, we can’t be liable to you or any third-party for damages, including lost profits, lost savings or other incidental, consequential or special damages.

sample content

As part of the Divine website pack we place sample content (text and images) on your site. The images are partly curated from third-party websites (such as pixabay.com and unsplash.com) where images are made available under Creative Commons CC0 or similar licenses, that allow both commercial and non-commercial use. We offer these images to you “as is”, without warranty, explicit or implied, regarding the accuracy of any rights or licenses of these images, and we shall not be liable to you or to any other person or entity for any general, punitive, special, indirect, consequential or incidental damages, or lost profits or any other damages, costs or losses arising out of your use of these images on your website. Wow, that’s quite a sentence 😉

using your own hosting for the divine diy website pack

If you prefer, we can set everything up on your own hosting. If you want to use your own hosting, we kindly ask you to consult with us so that we can advice you on your choice. We reserve the right to not supply the Divine DIY Website Pack on poor quality hosting, this can only happen at our discretion. 

Through experience we’ve learnt that quality hosting is important. Quality hosting gives you good server speed, good uptime, and quickly accessible customer service.

If you choose to buy a cheaper end hosting package, it’s possible that there will be problems with setting up certain parts of the pack. Also your website speed might be disappointing. If time consuming problems start to occur with setting up and running your website because of your hosting company choice, we may not always be able to troubleshoot these issues for free. This is why we have the policy to only install the Divine DIY Website Pack on a quality hosting package.

We can advice you on what a quality hosting package would be, and you can create your own account with them, and we’ll install the pack there. We’re unable to offer a discount on the package price if you decide to buy your own hosting. 

Of course you can count on our general Divi and WordPress support in the first year just like any other client if you decide to take that route.

hosting your website elsewhere after the first year

If you choose to host your site elsewhere after the first year, we kindly ask you to move your site to the hosting of your choice within 30 days of the end of your term. You are responsible for moving across your website and email to your own hosting provider. Moving a website between hosts is a technical process, but most reputable hosting providers will be able to do this for you for free. Most web designers would be able to help you with this as well. And we’d also be happy to help you move your site if you wanted to. Our hourly rate would apply and typically moving a site is about 2 hours of work for us.

After you’ve moved your website, you can continue to use our Divi Developer’s License but you will no longer be eligible for any support from us.

We’re excited to work with you,
and look forward to helping you shine online

These terms were last updated on 22 Jan 2024.
We reserve the right to modify them at any time without prior notice.