I loved working with Helena from Websites with a Heart!

I feel she truly  thinks along and helped me to think strategically about how to present what I do, and she made plenty of valuable suggestions that have improved my website content. She gave me advice on getting professional photos made that helped me take my business presentation to the next level.

Her approach of breaking down our project into manageable steps was very helpful. By doing so, she ensured that I never felt overwhelmed, and it was always crystal clear where we stood on our timeline. I greatly appreciated her guidance on what aspects I should focus on from my end, as it kept me on track and fueled my progress.

On top of that she also helped me tweak my branding giving it a refresh that better reflects me and my business.

Websites with a Heart’s professionalism shone through in every aspect of our collaboration. Upon completion of our project, they provided me with a comprehensive PDF document containing all the logins to my website and other accounts they had created for me. They also gave me complimentary access to their e-course on Divi & WordPress so I can learn to work with and tweak my website myself whenever I want.

I wholeheartedly recommend working with Websites with a Heart. Helena’s expertise, strategic thinking, and dedication to her clients make her an invaluable asset. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed! “ 

Amélie Crouzat  | Director & HR Consultant  | Canada

“Helena was recommended to me by a fellow artist, when I was looking for help with updating my website. She was so approachable and friendly that my fears of everything technical were soon put at ease. Through a combination of video meetings and e-mails, Helena was able to get to know me and find out what I wanted. She was able to take my initial ideas and transform them into a fantastic design: her suggestions for design ideas were amazing and she went to great lengths to show me her plans, so that I could select what I wanted. Helena was also really flexible: as we worked on ideas, if they became unsuitable, she was quick to suggest alternatives that would work better.

Helena and her husband Dave were also excellent at showing what I needed to do in terms of editing images, creating text, and other ‘behind the scenes’ tasks. They provided instructional videos to help me and we had regular video calls to make sure I was clear about what needed to be done.

I couldn’t be more delighted with the website, and the new logo,  Helena has created. It really reflects who I am as an artist and shows off my work in an elegant but friendly way. It really shows how she understood who I am and was able to create something that resonates with me, despite my terror of all things technical. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Helena and Dave of Websites With a Heart to anyone needing web design services, and I look forward to working with them again in the future. Thank you both so much for everything. “ 

Bron Jones  | Artist  | United Kingdom

“It was a real pleasure to work with Helena from Websites With a Heart on my new website for IntentionalExpat.com. I had wasted a lot of time trying to DIY my website, but it was far from where I wanted it to be.

Helena did an incredible job of bringing my vision to life. She was able to maintain some of the elements I had in place, but also infuse it with her own creativity. She was quick to offer suggestions for how we could make the website more user friendly, and incorporated ideas that I never would have considered myself.

She has a real talent for combining both the creative and technical aspects of web design. Working together was a very smooth and efficient process (despite being on opposite sides of the world), and I am more than happy with the finished product.

I’ll definitely be recommending her services in the future! “ 

Melissa Parks  | Coaching for Expats & Global Nomads  | United States

I am completely in love with my new website and working with Helena and Dave was a dream!
They are such professionals but also very intuitive and incredibly helpful.

Helena often suggested amazing solutions or new angles that I didn’t see. I love working with people who are authentic, committed and with big hearts.

I highly recommend their services to everyone who needs help with their website. So many of my friends and clients have used their services and they are all absolutely thrilled.

Thank you, Helena and Dave, for the amazing work you do and for being such lovely, kindhearted souls!”

Karina Ladet  |  Intuitive Channel, Healer & Mentor for Conscious Entrepreneurs  |  France

“I loved working with Helena, from ‘websites with a heart’. I took some time researching and chatting to a couple of website developers before i decided to work with Helena, I felt from the very beginning she listened to everything I was telling her about my business, and how I wanted my website to look and feel.

Helena supported my ideas but also gave me valuable advice and guidance on things i hadn’t thought of! When I contacted Helena during my website build with silly queries she always responded immediately, resolving these in such a calm and helpful way.

She never rushed me for the written content but would give me gentle reminders to what we needed to move the build on.

Her prices are very competitive and you will get such great value from Helena, as some companies I contacted quoted ridiculous prices for websites that just wouldn’t do what I wanted.

Helena totally understood the nurturing feel I wanted to establish with the look and feel of my site, easy to navigate! I couldn’t be more happy with the end result, I cant recommend Helena enough for website developing, she is a gentle soul and so easy to work with.”

Karen Langston  |  Sleep & Post Natal Support Expert  |  United Kingdom

“I was introduced to Helena’s work by a mutual friend, for whom Helena has done one beautiful website before.

Before coming to Helena, I already had 3 existing websites (about 3 parts of my passion and work: flowers, Intuitive work with clients and essential oils – network company). They were ‘old’, partially out of date with information, under 3 different domain names and most importantly I wasn’t happy with them, anymore.

And…I was somewhat reluctant to work on a NEW website, just because some of my experience with previous webdesign people was less than perfect and I simply did not want any more ‘headache’.

Because of this mutual friend’s introduction, I said to myself: ‘OK, I’ll give it a try’. And luckily, I did.

Helena did a beautiful work on my NEW website. She is a true professional, which means, no broken ‘design’ promises, as Helena knows exactly what is what and she introduced to me to many new concepts.

My website, done by Helena makes me to want to show it to the entire world with pride and passion for my work. It is not only beautiful with colours, images and words but also functional. It has simplicity to it, for which I was craving, after having 3 separate websites before. Now, everyone who wants to learn more about my passions can find me under one roof, so to speak.

Thank you, Helena, for the beautiful work you have done on my website!”

Roza Alicja Low  |   Canada

“I am so happy with my website and thank you for understanding my need to be me. I have had so many positive comments and said to my husband that regardless of the business I get or do not get I will always be proud of this creation, it truly has been a labour of love for me.

 You are an amazing woman and I thank you and your husband so very much!

Karen Draper  |  Coach & Mentor  |  United Kingdom

“Working with Helena to do my sales page was a great experience! I had never paid someone to do a sales page for me before and was unsure about the process and who to trust. My biggest concern was, “How many times can I ask for changes before they get annoyed with me?” Helena is so easy to work with! I was at ease asking many questions and requesting some changes. Helena understood my design style right away too. Looking forward to working more with Websites with Heart!”

Erin LaFaive  |  Herbalist  |  United States

“Helena and Dave are a dream team when it comes to building and updating a website: always up for a challenge, always professional, with great suggestions and solutions.

Over the last few years, they provided excellent technical support with integrity, passion and patience.

I couldn’t recommend them enough to anyone who has a purpose-driven business and needs to rebrand or refresh their website.

Thank you, Helena and Dave! “

Anna Wilk  |  Business Coach  |  United Kingdom

“I found Websites with a Heart when I was searching for beautiful images and chanced upon Helena’s curated collection of pictures. I asked if they could do a small project with me and was delighted by their efficiency and ease of communication. We’re now into our second year of working together and I continue to be amazed by their helpfulness and patience. With Dave and Helena’s help, my website has evolved and will continue to do so as my business grows. They don’t “just” do the work I ask them to, they explain what it means, show me how to do my own updates, and offer suggestions to ensure each update is as good as they know it can be and as I want it to be. It truly makes such a difference to small businesses like mine to have such nice, clever people on our team.”

Karen Quinn  |  Perfumer, Aromatherapist, Nurturer and Healer  |  United Kingdom

“Working on my website with Helena from Websiteswithaheart was a truly amazing experience.

Helena is so intuitive and really got me. Talking via skype getting to know each other, exchanging Emails, choosing fonts and colours was all so flowing.

I absolutely love my new website, it is so me. I especially love the fact that Helena was so creative and added special sparkle to my website. She never used the words ‘not possible’, or told me that ‘this is how good it can be’. With Helena the sky is the limit, and she creates magic with websites.

I love how I was involved in each step, and could make adjustments to suggestions. Helena is a pleasure to work with.

She finished timely on spot and with distinction.

I can highly recommend Helena, I am so in love with my website and how easy to use it is.

I never imagined I could be so very happy with my new website.

Would you love a Website that speaks from your heart? Go talk to Helena.”

Caroline Palmy  |  Heart Flow Healer   |  Switzerland


I just wanted to reach out and say a HUGE THANK YOU for the work you did on my website. You took the ideas and colors I wanted to have and plugged them into what turned out to be a GORGEOUS and well-functioning website.

You were super thorough with the setup, so that I didn’t have to worry about security issues and you even were totally on the ball with the GDPR changes.

I couldn’t be happier with the site or with you as a web developer! Thank you for all of your help and with your patience!

Sue Ellis Saller  | Transformational Life Coach  |  Austria

“When I began the work of building a website, I knew I would not be able to do this alone. After doing some research and heart searching, I found Websites with a Heart.

Their sites were exactly what I had hoped mine could be: soft, feminine, informative and strong all at the same time. I reached out to Helena and was so pleased at how friendly and accessible she was and how willing she was to help me achieve my vision.

She has created a beautiful, functional site beyond my hopes and is still there to offer me support and guidance with her Divine Classroom.

I am forever grateful for the wisdom she has shared, as well as the work she has done to allow me to express my vision for this website. Working with Helena has been an absolute joy, and it is my pleasure to encourage you to reach out to work with her! You will not regret it!”

Amy Guthrie  | Welness & Healing Coach and Mentor  |  USA

“Working with Helena was a dream. She is so intuitive and was able to really understand what I needed even when I wasn’t quite able to express it myself. Her initial proposal was spot on, and when there was something in the details that didn’t work for me she was quickly able to see why and what needed to be changed.

There was no tedious back-and-forth where I was trying to explain what I wanted, Helena understood it at an energetic level and was able to translate what she felt from me into a beautiful logo and banner design.

I simply adore my website’s new look, thank you Helena!

Joanna Hennon  | Intuitive & Mentor for Ambitious Leaders & Change Makers  |  UK

“I was recommended Helena from Websites with a Heart when I had been left high and dry by another web person right before an event launch. That’s was 18 months ago!

Since then, Helena has become a core part of my ‘team’ – she is technically fabulous, completely understanding about what I need for my business and so brilliant at communicating from her area of genius to where I’m focused in my business! She always seeks to understand the outcome I am looking for and gives great advice that I can follow! (that’s not always the case with webmasters! ?)

I highly recommend Helena and Dave – they do great work, are speedy and so understanding and lovely to work with, it has become an area of joy for me! I know they can provide me with all the support I could want as my ‘webmaster’.

Michelle Walker  | Life, Creativity & Wealth Coach  | Australia

As a Heart Centred Entrepreneur/ Empath, most of my decisions are intuition led.

I loved the vibe and images of a  friend’s website and knew that the person who created Caroline’s site was the person for my husband and I to rebirth our Retreat/ Healing website.

Helena totally understood what we were looking for. She has a knack of intuiting and feeling deeply what is required. The colours and designs she created continue to make my heart sing. Feedback from our customers has been positive. 

So Helena and Dave – heart felt thanks for all you have done.

Jenny Slater  | Co-Creator at Forest of the Stars with Derek Slater  |  France

 “Helena is creative and professional and someone who really cares about her clients and her work. She did a wonderful job on two websites for me and I have had so much positive feedback on both of them. I would not hesitate to use Helena again and I highly recommend her to other potential clients.

I am speechless at the quality, look and feel of my website.  I think my website looks like a $10k site. I am positive people will ask me about my site and who did it and I will for sure send them your way. I would love to send lots of business your way…… 

Thank you for all of your hard work and creativity. Everyone loves my two sites and I have had so much praise about the professionalism and images.

You rock!”

Jackie Das  | Career Coach  |  USA

 “Helena was a pleasure to work with. Although I never got to meet her as I live halfway around the world in Australia, I felt I was supported throughout the project and that special attention was given to me – I never felt like one of many.

Helena answered all of my silly questions patiently (I am not tech savvy!) and I found I actually learned quite a lot myself about how to set up and manage my website, and since Helena completed her work I have been able to do my own updates.

I love the colour scheme that Helena came up with (to match my photo and graphics) and the style of the whole site is very ‘me’, which several people who know me have commented on also.

Overall, I am very pleased with the entire process and outcome. Thanks!

Grace Miano  | Health Coach  |  Australia

 “I approached websites with a heart as I loved the style and the offering of creating a template and website as well as teaching the client how to be involved in the creation of their work and have independence from a webmaster.

I have always wanted to learn how to create a website but I was very unskillful in the language of computers. I had lost hope of ever learning. However working with Helena and her team was a great experience. She is very encouraging and has patience to work along with you.

My learning curve was slow and stubborn, but Helena with her support and the resources she offers are very easy to understand and this is crucial as she has created pdf files and videos for you to learn and get involved in the process of making your website.

She is a great designer who takes into account your vision and what you wish to offer and represent through your website. She always answered my questions on time and her support was lovely in my creative learning process.

I love the results of our work together and I can truly say I learned how to be the creatrix of my website !!! I look forward to more collaborations together working on my website and designs with websites with a heart !!! Thank you Helena !!

Maxine Astorga  | Escuela Meraki  |  Chile

 “Thank you so much for your great job, patience and ideas.
It was a pleasure to cooperate with you!

Eva Wessel  | Yoga teacher  |  Denmark

 “Working with ‘Websites with a heart’ was a great experience. I had no idea of what kind of website I wanted in terms of style, practicality etc…

After speaking to Dave & Helena extensively about what purpose the website should have, they translated it into an initial design from which we could work with. I always got pretty much immediate feedback and therefore we were able to create the perfect website that I feel fits exactly with what I do and to my personal style.

Lot’s of eye for detail and most of all, always with the greatest willingness to assist. I highly recommend working with them.

Gabi Hacmon  | Homeopath  |  Netherlands

 “I’ve been working with Websites with a Heart for years and we have a wonderful relationship. We’re business partners, but it feels like we’re also friends.

They’ve helped me grow my website into one of the most important marketing tools for my yoga studio in Amsterdam. I know I can always count on them for technical advice and support and developing my site further.

I highly recommend them!

Asaf Hacmon  | LiveYoga Studio  |  Amsterdam