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    Can’t recommend this Website Pack enough – I would NEVER have had the website I have without this pack AND it has allowed me to create it myself and have control over it … brilliant, supportive and just fabulous really.

    Donna Booth  |  United Kingdom

    “I loved working with Helena from Websites with a Heart! I feel she truly  thinks along and helped me to think strategically about how to present what I do, and she made plenty of valuable suggestions that have improved my website content. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Websites with a Heart. Helena’s expertise, strategic thinking, and dedication to her clients make her an invaluable asset. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!“ 

    Amélie Crouzat |  Canada

    “Helena and Dave are a dream team when it comes to building and updating a website: always up for a challenge, always professional, with great suggestions and solutions.

    Over the last few years, they provided excellent technical support with integrity, passion and patience. I couldn’t recommend them enough to anyone who has a purpose-driven business and needs to rebrand or refresh their website.”  

    Anna Wilk |  United Kingdom

    Websites with a Heart aligned perfectly with my business and working together was an absolute pleasure. With their Website Pack and comprehensive support, I felt empowered to begin creating an online presence and the result is a beautiful, user friendly website that can grow over time with my ever-changing needs. Thank you Helena and Dave!”  

    Kristy Scougall  |  Australia