Would you love to have a gentle, beautiful and stylish website,
but don’t have the budget for a full custom design right now?

We have an intermediate solution for you if you’d like all the features the
Divine DIY website pack offers + outsource some things to make it even easier.

For example, we can help you brand your website for you, by setting your logo, fonts and colours.
In addition we can help you by setting up your menu and some sample page content for you for these pages.
You can then 
simply replace this with your own content.

You may also like some help with setting up a membership or shop plugin,
or by connecting your newsletter service with an optin on your website.

Another popular add-on is that we help you select a set of (free) images
to use throughout your website to create the look and feel you’re after.


We’d love to help you create a beautiful, stylish and gentle website!


how would we work together ?

Everyone’s requirements are unique, and so we’d explore with you what you’d like to create and how we can best help you.

    • We’d set up a Skype or Zoom meeting – to clarify what you’d like to create, what you can do yourself, and what you’d like help with. Depending on your budget, we can do more or less for you. 
    • After that, we’d prepare a proposal for you with an estimate of cost.
    • We’d use the Divine Website Pack as the foundation for your new website, which means you’re set up with the best visual page-builder on the market. This makes editing and creating new content easy and intuitive. You also receive free access to our e-course and our premade layouts; sales pages, lead pages etc. 
    • Then, depending on what we agreed on, we do our part of the work, while you do yours. And together we’d create the website you’re dreaming of : )

price dependent on requirements  & what you would do yourself

starting  from   €995  –   [+/-   864 gbp |  $1103 usd  |    $1612 aud |  1455 cad ]

 “I approached websites with a heart as I loved the style and the offering of creating a template and website as well as teaching the client how to be involved in the creation of their work and have independence from a webmaster.

I love the results of our work together and I can truly say I learned how to be the creatrix of my website !!! I look forward to more collaborations together working on my website and designs with websites with a heart !!! Thank you Helena !!”

Maxine Astorga

please get in touch – we’d love to hear from you!

8 + 1 =

Just an overdue  ‘thank you SO much’ for all your support and customer service. 

I’ve accessed the classroom and had a look around. It is a learning curve for me… however, you’ve made it really friendly and easy to use. I felt such relief when ventured over. Derek has found it so much easier than doing our original site on just WordPress!  Thanks again!

Jenny  Slater 

“Their sites were exactly what I had hoped mine could be: soft, feminine, informative and strong all at the same time. I reached out to Helena and was so pleased at how friendly and accessible she was and how willing she was to help me achieve my vision.

She has created a beautiful, functional site beyond my hopes and is still there to offer me support and guidance with her Divine Classroom.

Amy Guthrie