Hummingbird with text overlay 'Are your clients 'Highly Attuned'?"

Even though I share about researching your ideal client for your website strategy, it doesn’t mean I have that all clear myself.

I also don’t believe it’s something you decide at the start of your business and is then set in stone forever. 

Because your insights will evolve, and your understanding will grow over time.

I also see other business owners continue to tweak and explore this topic with others as a sounding board.

By talking about your ideal client, and by asking others about it you can get very valuable feedback and new ideas.

A couple of weeks ago I was in a networking meeting with fellow female biz owners and there was space and time to talk about each others’ ideal clients. 

I shared my observation that a lot of my clients are intuitive heart-centred souls that live their life from their heart and help their clients heal, grow and thrive.

And that most of them LOVE nature, calm, and a balanced, life-first approach to running their business. 

Of course that is no coincidence, because that’s what I am like too, and like attracts like.

There are plenty of terms out there that can describe this special kind of person: highly sensitive, introverted, soulful… but what I find is that many of these words can have some less positive connotations for some people.

Highly sensitive (HSP) is seen by some as overly sensitive and weak…

While introverted is understood by some people to mean that you are anti-social and being a loner…

And that’s a shame because I believe that high sensitivity and introversion are special gifts that give you a huge advantage in your work and business anytime you are connecting with your clients. And it should be labels we can be proud of.

A small, green-blue hummingbird in flight

~  Sensory Intelligence  ~

One of the superpowers of highly sensitive and introverted souls is “sensory intelligence”. This means that you just pick up more information in any situation, and helps you be perceptive and empathic, especially when dealing with people and their emotions. For example subtle body language, hidden emotions and unspoken clues.

And you are not only naturally paying more attention to detail, you are also aware of and thinking about the implications. A new way of describing these gifts during my networking brainstorm was highly attuned. This was a new term for me, but I think it’s a very good fit!

Of course most people are attuned when they want to be. But sensitive and introverted people are like this in almost every kind of situation and do it readily and easily.

For them it’s actually something they can’t turn off.

~  Some unique challenges  ~

And that is where the downside lies. People that take in so much information get easily overwhelmed, especially today with the barrage of digital info we’re all swimming in. So if you’re a highly attuned person, taking time off to process everyday life is not just a luxury; it’s a necessity.

And it also means that some things, like tech and creating a website can be EXTRA overwhelming.

That’s why I love doing what I do, because I believe that highly-attuned people have some very special gifts that can help so many people, but they also have some unique challenges to deal with when wanting to bring their gifts into the world.

And with what I offer I can make one really important aspect of starting your business –  getting your website online and sharing your offers with the world – so much easier and smoother.

With my DIY Website Pack you can avoid analysis paralysis and decision fatigue all together because everything is delivered to you ready to login to and make your own.

And all you need to get from start to launch is follow an easy step by step process in a calm, friendly and beautiful course space, created especially for people who thrive on the nurturing and supporting vibes of nature.

If you are highly attuned, I invite you to explore how I can help you bring your gifts out into the world!

White cherry blossom in Springtime

And if you are working with highly-attuned people yourself, I hope sharing my thoughts about the special challenges we face helps you getting clearer on your ideal clients and their challenges too.

Talking about this in your newsletters and social media posts helps them know they are understood and that they are in
exactly the right place for them.


Warm wishes,

signature Helena Heart