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Spring by Victoria Erickson

I am in love with the beautiful words by Victoria Erickson. I know her through Pinterest where she shares the most amazing dreamy images and her own writings and poetry. She has published a book that is high on my wish list; The Edge of Wonder. To me her words perfectly capture spring fever ♥

Interview – Miriana of Dollitude

I came across Miriana and her fabulous little dolls on instagram, and fell in love… The dolls itself are tiny little treasures, but she makes them even more special by presenting them in their own magical world; they all love to spend time outdoors, in nature, and they are almost all a bit shy. The […]

just a moment – 16 may ’15

May, my favorite time of the year… This year it is quite rushed, we have a way bigger vegetable garden to work and prepare than the years before, and we are also preparing for our trip to the Netherlands. We have been busy producing leaflets, and other materials for the market that we will attend […]

just a moment – 25 april’15

Another spring, blossom again, but I never get used to it!! This time of year is so breathtakingly beautiful in the countryside in Bulgaria, especially when the sun goes down and shines through all those tender little flowers.

just a moment – 20 feb’15

A beautiful nest I found during a bitterly cold but sunny walk in the woods. You can still see the feathers that once kept the baby birds warm. Looks ready for re-use sometime soon. Can’t wait for the spring, I want to walk barefoot in the garden again. Shared as a Friday Find on

Awakening from hibernation

It feels a bit like awakening from hibernation here 🙂 I have been really busy over the past months, with completing our second WordPress Theme, with the holidays, with staying warm when temperatures dropped far below zero, digging snow. We have also had many visitors here over the past weeks. My parents, but also many […]

Blushing shy pears with a texture

I have been admiring all the wonderful pear images that came along in the Start to Finish photography group over the last couple of weeks. (I am doing a still life photography course). What a lot of loveliness 🙂 Most of you used the pears really well to make moody earthy images. I absolutely love […]

Confused walnut trees and a touch of vintage

Finally “found” some time to look at the paper bag photos I took as part of the Start to Finish still life photography course. Chose to combine the paper bag with walnuts collected by my daughter in the garden. There are very few this year, the leaves crumpled and yellowed very early and

Autumn Treasures

It starts to feel like winter already in the evenings, with how dark it is so early… But during the day there is still some lovely autumn weather. Morning mist followed by sunny golden days, some of my favourite weather ( I have many kinds of favourite weather :)) Look what I found; some lovely […]

Finding the light & finding the right gear

When the still life photography course with Kim Klassen started, we were very excited to get started. We had a hybrid camera. Not a compact camera, not a digital SLR, but something in between. A lovely camera with an integrated zoom lens (35mm – 420mm) that we have been using for years now. Great for […]

just a moment – 4 nov ’14

All the snow has melted again, not surprising because the temperature never went below zero throughout the whole snow saga. Very glad we are getting some proper autumn weather again now, this change from summer straight into winter was a bit too much… Sunny weather predicted now, so hoping for some more beautiful fungi in […]

snow came too early…

The predicted light dusting of snow turned out to be a lot more…. 40 cm of snow in October! Many trees are still in leaf and were catching a lot of snow, the branches became too heavy and started breaking, trees came down on powerlines. No electricity and internet for 3 days, hello winter in […]