I love dreamy, hazy images, I must admit I am a hopeless romantic. While browsing for some lovely photos on flickr, I came across some images by Kim Klassen, and her stream and website turned out to be a treasure chest for daydreamers like me. The images in this post are hers, from her Flickr stream….

Turned out Kim actually teaches others to take photos like hers!

I am not a good photographer at all. If you like my images, I can tell you that it is just pure luck and a lot of shots that result in a few acceptable images. I am way more excited about seeing the beauty, I can’t really get excited about the technology of how to capture it. Turns out you can actually “create” more beauty if you use the magic called light and you combine it with the technology :)

Dave is a different story, he has always been interested in photography, he bought himself a second hand SLR when he was twelve and spent a lot of time learning about the nitty-gritty. He kept a small notebook to make notes about the settings he used to take his photos, and we still have heaps and heaps of photos in boxes of his experiments… Those were the days before digital, one roll of film to develop, maybe one or two good images. Quite an expensive hobby for a teenage boy :)

Nothing says 'I get you ...better than this' John phoned some people in town and asked if he could cut off some branches from their lovely blooming tree and brought them home for me to photograph. #gratitude #bestill52 #s2fclass  #blossoms #spring #pink #

We both got very excited about Kim Klassen’s course, because we see so much beauty around us that we want to share here, wouldn’t it be fun to learn from a professional how to capture the dreamy look?

The course is all about composition, finding the light (we use only natural light) and learning to use Adobe lightroom to give your images different moods and styles. And using textures to give your photos that vintage feel.

I’ll be posting some of our attempts and experiences here in the next few weeks.

The course is online and you can participate at your own pace, check it out here if you are interested: Start to finish by Kim Klassen.

Kim Klassen {dot com}

Arrived!! Kinfolk volume 11. Can't wait to soak up the inspiration. Thank you @kinfolk .... you always inspire. #kinfolk #lovely #ilovemail   #vscocam #fromabove  #fromwhereistand
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All images in this post are © Kim Klassen

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