graphic of keyboard with flowers with text overlay introducing a post about page builders and why we love divi

Page builders have really transformed the website Creation experience. When Dave and I started creating websites over a decade ago, it was a completely different experience.

Back then we were working purely with code and had to imagine what that gobbledy gook would look like on the front end. You had to be very dedicated to create your own site as a business owner in those days, because it was not visual and not intuitive at all! Very few business owners felt inspired to learn the website code language, and websites were created mostly by experts.

Already in those early days, we started to experiment with giving our clients more control over their own websites. We created a WordPress theme with blocks on the homepage that you could set yourself. These were our early attempts at empowering our clients J  At the same time, WordPress page builders started to appear on the market.

We immediately saw their potential and realized that this would be the future.  There were whole teams of developers working on these page builders, and they could achieve a lot more than just us two! So we decided to look deeply into all of them, testing and using them thoroughly.

Divi came out the best in our trials. And we decided to use Divi as the foundation for our client websites.

Fast forward all these years, and Divi is now the most popular premium page builder for WordPress on the market.

And if we already thought Divi was amazing back then, it’s even crazier what you can do now!

In this post we’ll share why we love Divi so much… and why giving it to our clients perfectly fits our vision for our business – to empower you with the best website skills and tools.

Let’s Dive in!

first things first – what is a page builder & why is it so fantastic?

In a nutshell: A page builder for your website makes creating a website MUCH easier.

It gives you a simple to use drag and drop interface, which means you can easily move elements, like a block of text, an image, or a contact form, around on your pages and you can very easily create really nice layouts.

why we love the divi page builder

A true VISUAL page builder

Divi’s page builder is a true VISUAL builder. With that we mean you truly work on the front end of your website, unlike with some of the other page builders, where a panel slides in from the side where you do your work.

Such a panel sliding in does change how your page looks, because it makes the page much narrower (to create space for the panel).

In Divi you work really in your page and when you click on an element a box pops up for that element alone, where you can make your design and content tweaks.

You can see the changes while you make them in real time on your page. If the dialogue box happens to be in your way you can simply move it aside.

Animation of Divi's drag-and-drop functionality

colour coding of elements

Another thing that makes Divi so great for visually oriented people is the colour coding of elements. In Divi you have Sections, Rows, Columns, and Modules, all of them with consistent and distinct colours. So you very quickly get the hang of how pages and layouts are built up from the different design elements.

All of these elements have fantastic customization options that make it easy to get creative and make beautiful designs. In our course we teach you all about it! Many other page builders don’t have these coloured elements but represent everything with thin black lines, which can make it confusing to understand what you’re looking at!

Also good to know is that Divi gives you various working modes for its visual builder, including an option where the coloured aids only become visible when you hover over the elements. Again, ideal for visual people, who want to see uncluttered versions of their work at any moment while they are in the creative flow, (like me!!!); the Divi team has thought of everything!

inline editing – working in your text right on the page

Inline editing means you can just click right on your webpage and start typing and editing, on the front end… This is a pretty unique feature that Divi offers for all elements with text, and it feels magical when you experience it for the first time.

This feature is very handy when you want to make small edits or corrections to your body text. But it’s a game-changer for your headers and subheaders where size and length is often important, because you’ll be able to see your changes as you make them right on the page. This feature alone saves me so much time!

checking & tweaking your site’s responsiveness is easy

Did you know that 50% of your website visitors will look at your site from a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet?

That’s why it’s super important that the Page builder theme you use is mobile responsive out of the box and also has great features to easily tweak your webpages for viewing on mobile.

Because there are always small things that you want to hide or display differently on smaller devices (we teach you all about how to do that in our e-course). 

Divi makes this easy, because with one click you can switch between viewing your page on desktop, tablet or mobile and you can tweak every module individually where necessary.

Animation of switching between different device views in the Divi builder

site-wide settings for your typography and colours

Through Divi’s theme customizer you can make settings for your menu, your website header and footer, and set colours and fonts in one central place. And those settings then get applied across your whole website (while still keeping the ability to make design tweaks for individual elements, which is perfect).

The site wide settings make it super easy and quick to make your website your own and give it your unique, personal brand identity.

The convenience of making site wide settings for your branding in combination with full creative control for individual elements where you want them is ideal!

complete design control

As we just said, every element in Divi is tweakable 🙂   That’s why some people feel Divi can be overwhelming for newbies.

When you are just starting with a page builder like Divi out of the box, we agree it can be a lot to take in at once. So that’s why we’ve created our Divine DIY website pack to make everything much easier.

We show you everything you need to know, and not more, step by step so you completely avoid any potential feature overwhelm when you start. We’ve also made settings for you with our pre-styled modules, so that all the design elements fit together with a clean stylish aesthetic that’s a great backdrop and foundation for your own branding and imagery.

Once you get experienced working with Divi on your website, you’ll actually love all these in-depth features Divi has, because you can literally create anything with Divi and you’ll have super versatile design options at your fingertips.

Divi gives you complete design control!

the magic of layouts

Layouts are another great feature of Divi. Layouts are combinations of elements that together form a page, and they can be saved as complete page designs and then inserted into new blank pages.

Because of layouts, we can share ready-made page designs with you for sales pages, landing pages and any other page you might need, and include them with our website pack.

Layouts are a bit like magic, because they can speed up your creative process a lot.

They help you to create marketing-savvy web pages by replacing sample content with your own text and totally avoid blank page blocks!

And you can also easily adapt layouts by deleting items, moving them or inserting items from other layouts you like.

Animation of scrolling through saved layouts in the Divi library

young owner & dedicated team committed to staying #1 in the market

What we also love about Divi is the ambitious and super enthusiastic team that’s behind this page builder. They lovingly refer to their users as Divi nation, and they are always working on improving their builder further and thinking up new fancy features to bring to their clients.

They have for example recently integrated AI so you have advanced spell check, help with text and title generating and image generation right there in your website builder. And they are talking about and working on full page AI generation right now… 

Even if you are not thinking about using AI for your website or content at the moment, it’s great to know that as these technologies develop, they will be available to you as well right in your website builder.

We as a business have bought an upgrade to our license so we can share the Divi AI tools with all our clients. 

Divi keeps a keen eye on what any competitors are bringing out, and if it is something they like, they work on making it available to their users too.

We can’t wait to see what features will still be coming!!

divi for free for the lifetime of your website

Divi is a premium theme that you would normally pay an annual fee for (to receive updates). But through our developer’s license we can set you up with Divi on your own website, and you’ll be able to get free use of the theme and page-builder + the right to free updates and new features for the lifetime of your website!

We LOVE that we can share all Divi’s goodness with our clients.


As you can see, we absolutely LOVE Divi and couldn’t be happier with the choice we made to use Divi as the foundation for our clients’ websites.

In fact, the “Divine” in our Divine DIY website Pack is not only telling you what kind of experience we’d like you to have while creating your website, but is also a play on words for the amazing page builder technology that is underpinning it all – simply Divi(ne)!

To see everything that is included in the Divine DIY website pack, head over to this page here where we show you all the goodness…