Use Colour to Connect with your Dream Clients - The Spring Personality

Finding and connecting with your dream clients is a big deal.

If you can be your authentic self, and show who you really are, you will feel good and working on your business will be easy and flowing.

There is lots of excitement and inspiration.

Plus by being yourself and showing yourself, you will deeply connect to people who share the same values, the same vision.

These are your dream clients.

They will love working with you, and you will love working with them. They will become your friends, come back for more and even help you to get more business through raving reviews!

People don’t buy what you do; they buy how it makes them feel.

How it makes them feel when they use your product or service.
And how they feel when they do business with a person like you.

And it’s good to be different.

If you’re too generic, hoping to appeal to as many people as possible, you might end up connecting with not one of them at all. Dare to be who you are and you will connect with people like you!

Infuse your business with your
seasonal personality

What you say and what you write is very important in expressing the real you – but there is also the visual side of

Colour, illustrations, typography all work at the subconscious level, and they work better and faster than words.


Example of Bright Spring Colour Scheme

Example of a Bright Spring Colour Scheme.


The colours and graphical elements you use for your logo, your website and in your blog posts can re- confirm to your clients that they are in the right place.

I was super excited to find out more about the fascinating subject of colour psychology and it’s connection with the seasons in
Fiona Humberstone’s book How to style your brand.

As a designer, I think I have intuitively already worked with palettes & typography the way she describes, but now that I have learned more about it, I am sure I can give even better and more informed advice to my clients.

By getting clear on what seasonal personality you and your business fall into, and then using that as guideline when selecting typography & colours for your website & branding, you can also do a lot yourself to create a coherent picture and intuitive message.

It’s all about intuition and knowing who you really are.

By getting clear on what season fits you & your business best you can infuse your business with your personality and in that way speak directly to the hearts of your dream clients.

Let’s dive in with the spring personality. Which I think I am a subscriber to :)

The Spring Personality

According to Fiona, spring people are very attracted to light, bright and clear design and colours. They like fine lines and dynamic images that give the appearance of movement. I think my love for bright, fresh watercolour illustration would describe this idea well.


Example of a Soft Pastel Spring Colour Scheme

Example of a Soft Pastel Spring Colour Scheme

Spring people are enthusiastic, brimming with ideas, love clarity & simplicity, are bright and quick thinking, friendly, optimistic and good communicators. But the downside of the spring personality is the overload of ideas and excitement. It is important to recognize this and to stay focused if your goal is to also finish some of the ideas and projects. And to recognize that others sometimes have a hard time following you along in your waterfall of ideas and enthusiasm. That I know very well too.

Spring businesses often offer creative and communication services; photographers, PR agencies and website and graphic design.

Do you recognize yourself as a
spring personality?

Do you feel you have infused your business branding & website with enough fresh spring vibes? If you feel  your branding and website could use some improvement, I would love to help you make it better. Drop me a line with your website link and I’d be happy to have a look and give you some feedback.

Drop me a line with your website link

You and your business have characteristics of several seasons, and they don’t need to be adjoining, you can be a spring personality with a dash of winter. And for your branding, it is possible to combine elements from both seasons, as long as you stick with one season for your colour palette.

I will share more about the other personalities soon – stay tuned by joining my mailing list!