Reviewing and downloading google fonts

In this blog post we show you how you can review and download any of the fonts we share in our Ultimate guide to the best Feminine Fonts

What you’ll find in this post:

1. What to think about when reviewing and selecting a font

2. Where and how to review and download google fonts (video).

what to think about when selecting a font

Fonts have a huge impact on the look and feel of your website, they have to fit your brand and your personality. When looking at a font, make sure you check the following (in the video below we show you how to do this on the google font website).



feel of the paragraph text

Look at the feel of the paragraphs of text, does it appeal to you? Does it fit you? Is the paragraph text clear enough for you? Feel into the font in italics, do you like how this looks, is the font still clear and attractive for you in italics?


review the special characters

Use the sample copy text that includes all the characters in lower case and in capitals, as part of the sentence “the Quick brown fox ..” and paste it into the google font website as shown in the video below.  Have a look at all the characters to make sure they feel right for you Review the special characters such as & and @ and the numbers as well. 


character sizing & spacing

Please note that letter size and letter spacing settings can have a big impact on how a font feels, so you often need to make some tweaks to font size and font spacing to achieve the same look for each font that you see in our Ultimate Font Guide. Unfortunately it’s not possible to adjust letter spacing on the google font website.

where and how to review and download google fonts

In this video we show you how to review and download google fonts on the google font website. 

Below the video you’ll find some resources mentioned in the video! 

Let’s go!

sample copy

Here is the sample copy with all the characters and special characters to copy and paste in the google website:


12345678910 | @ & * # ! ?
the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

plugin for using any font 

This is a plugin you can use to use any font on your website:  Use Any Font (for WordPress). It’s also possible to do this without using a plugin. Get in touch with us for more info. 

contact me with any questions 

Email me at or contact me through the contact form if you have any questions, I’m happy to help!